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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Tuesday's Taiwanese Superstar!! Fahrenheit!!

Yeah! Fahrenheit (Fei Lun Hai) is a very famous Taiwanese Boy Band, but I think they are very talented!! Well, that just might be my bias talking...
Fahrenheit consists of Jiro Wang (Bottom left), Wu Chun (Bottom right), Aaron (Top left) and Calvin (Top right).

Here's some info...

Jiro Wang:

Real Name: Wang Dong Cheng
Also Known as: Jiro or Da Dong
He's in: Hana Kimi (See, that's why he looks familiar!), It started with a Kiss (Another reason why he looks familiar!) and Go! Fried Rice.
Wu Chun:

Real Name: Goh Kiat Chun (He was born in Brunei)
Also Known as: Wu Chun / Wu Zhun
He's In: Hana Kimi (Yeah!) and Tokyo Juliet (His claim to fame)

Aaron Yan:

Real Name: Wu Genglin
Also Known As: Aaron, Yan Ya Lun
He's In: ISWAK (YEAH!) and K.O. One (Which the whole of Fahrenheit are in)

Calvin Chen
Real Name: Chen Yi Ru
Also Known as: Calvin
He's In: K.O. One and Romantic Princess (Chun also in)
Fahrenheit has many songs where they pair up with the female group S.H.E (One of the members, Ella, is in Hana Kimi also!)
Here's a vid of one of my fav songs by Fahrenheit and S.H.E its called Xin Wo (New Home)-there's english subs on the bottom right! :D (It's a bit small...)

Is anyone reading these posts? If you are, please post a comment telling me what you think! Thank you!
Wdebo :)


  1. I love Fahrenheit! Jiro is definitely my fave! =)

  2. YEY!!! Fahrenheit is so AWESOME! thats a really good picture by the way.

  3. Diana:

    I love them too! Yes Jiro is very cute and is one of my fav also, but I love all of them! :D

  4. Isa:

    Yeah, don't you just love that pick, they look so young lol

  5. Jiro is such an amusing actor. :3

  6. I know, and he's so convincing! Actors like that just amaze me!


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