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Saturday, January 10, 2009

It Started With a Kiss

I know I've already reviewed it before but it was such a small part, and it didn't even have its own post so I'm reviewing it again!

Here is a small part of the first episode (It gets A LOT better!)-It Started With a Kiss Ep. 1 (1/5)

It Started With a Kiss follows the love story between Xiang Qing (Ariel Lin) and Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng). Xiang Qing has always loved Zhi Shu ever since she first saw him giving his speech. Zhi shu is part of Class A (The smartest class in the whole school) while Xiang Qing is in Class F (The "dumbest" class in the whole school). When Xiang Qing tries to give her confession/love letter to Zhi Shu, he rejects it by not giving it a second glance. While Xiang Qing pains, so does Ah Jin (Jiro Wang) who has been in love with Xiang Qing forever.

XQ thinks that all hope is lost for her romantic fantasy about her and ZS. But when her house gets knocked down by an earthquake, her dad and XQ move to her dad's friends house, and surprise surprise, her dad's friend is ZS' dad.

While living together XQ does whatever it takes to make ZS in love with her. In the end she cracks his hard heart and their famous taiwanese love story begins.

It Started With a Kiss is quite an old (2005) Taiwanese Drama, but it is the most famous, second to Meteor Garden (even older-2001). It is absolutly ADORABLE and is filled with some of the best romance I've ever watched in my life, and it is also HILLARIOUS. It's sorta sappy, but not as bad and as dumb as romantic comedies. (Can't you tell I hate romantic comedies-they are just so FAKE). Sure TDramas are kinda fake, but they are SOOO much better.

I love this TDrama and I hope all of you can watch it! :D

Grade: A+

Wdebo :)

P.S. I hope all of you have the chance of watching lots of TDramas in your lifetime! :D


  1. I think I got tired of it by the time it came to the scene where she attempted to practice for tennis but ended up doing some stupid move. But it is good. I'm just too impatient to continue.

  2. Haha that's funny, yeah I get really impatient also, so I always skip to the later scenes. But I do like the part where he proposes, its cute! You should watch it!

    Wdebo :)

  3. Oh yea, they get married by the sequel. xD But I don't think I can stand her character to be able to continue. >< Have you seen the movie Baby & Me?

  4. Yeah, it does get embarassing about the things she does, but I still think They Kiss Again is Cute. :D No, I've never watched Baby & Me, what's it about?

    Wdebo :)

    P.S. Have you seen Love or Bread? Ariel is finally serious in it! And Joe is all dorky, lol

  5. i think they kiss again is better than iswak.
    theyre freaking good actors...ariel lin crying broke my heart!


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