Friday, January 30, 2009

Privilege By: Kate Brian

Title: Privilege
Author: Kate Brian
Amount of Pages: 291
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Published Year: 2008
Geared Towards: Teens (14+)
Extra Info: Kate Brian's other series includes the Private Series

Summary (Credits to back of the book-I'll just say BOB from now on "Credits to BOB "the builder"")

Most girls would die for a life of privilege...
Some would even kill for it

Ariana Osgood ruled exclusice Easton Academy-until she was arrested for murdering Thomas Pearson. She's spent the past two years at the Brenda T. Trumbull Correctional Facility for Women plotting her escape and is determined to get a second change at the glamorous life she left behind. And Ariana will do anything to get her way...

Wdebo's Review: I have never actually read any books like this, like the "Clique" or "The Private" series. So when I first I got it I was kinda aprehensive about reading it, but I had to cuz it was my PulseIt book. But when I actually began to read it, I couldn't put it down until I finished it!

Pro: It was very well written, the story was very interesting and characters were well developed it sucked my right in at the beginning.

Con: The reason I never really wanted to read these kinds of books was because of the characters, they were always so in your face and well just mean. That was how it was in this book. Also, Ariana did annoy me somewhat in the middle, she was just so fickle one second its this, then that, then this, she was suppose to be stronger then that!!

All in all, I really can't wait for the next book Beautiful Disaster which comes out on July 2009!! I think all of you should read Privilege RIGHT NOW!

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)

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