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Friday, January 16, 2009

Butterfly Award (Kind of)

So, I wasn't really "nominated" but Lexi at said she nominated anyone who hasn't been nominated yet, and that kind of includes me. Please don't be angry at me!! :(

Now for the rules:
1. Put the logo on your blog.
2. Add a link to the person who awarded you.
3. Award up to ten other blogs.
4. Add links to those blogs on yours.
5. Leave a message for your awardees on their blogs.

So I already said it was Lexi, now for my nominees!!

1. Kayla ( for giving me the inspiration to do my book blog and for helping me get it started! Thanks bunches!!

2. The Composive Reader ( for also giving me additional help and advice!

3. Lauren ( Because her blog is amazingly cool and great!

4. The Book Brat ( For her great reviews!

5. Vanessa ( For her cool blog and great reviews!!



  1. Thank you for nominating me! And your blog has turned out great, i'm so glad i could help!

    Kayla (Midnight Twilight)

  2. Thanks for the nomination!! :)

  3. You're welcome! You deserve it!

  4. Awe!!! thanks for the Blog Award!!! I really Appreciate it. You Made My DAY!!!

  5. You're welcome, your blog is great keep it up!


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