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Saturday, January 31, 2009

Brown Sugar Macchiato

Do you ever feel so bored that you feel like you could just faint from boredom and for some reason you just can't get into the book you really want to read? (Haha I sound like someone advertising for something...:D) Then watch...Brown Sugar Macchiato! One of the sweetest and funniest Taiwanese Dramas ever! (Well, not EVER, there are others but you get my point right?)

Here is a small part of the beginning episode... (The title for this vid is Brown Sugar Macchiato - Ep. 1 (1/7) ) P.S. I seriously hate the beginning with that girl talking...yuck, but I do love the beginning song! :D

Brown Sugar Macchiato is about how one day, six boys with six totally different personalities find out that their dad is a total player and had six sons at around the same time with six diffrent women who gave birth to six diffrent sons (them.) They also find out he is a multi millionaire, and they will be inharitents to this giant money stash. There is just one catch however, they will have to live together for a year and go to the same school.

When the get to school the find it harder to be "loving brothers" because of nine very mean girls in their class, but slowly the start getting a long and some even start falling in love. (Of course, its a Taiwanese Drama thats what ALWAYS happens lol) But will this hurt the brother's ability to live together happily and get the inheratence?

When I first watched this show (about that girl at the beginning-I don't know why but I HATE her-and she's not even in the actual drama, eh) I had no idea who Lollipop or Hei Se Hui Mei Mei were, but after a while I learned and really started to love their music. Lollipop (the guys) is a boy band filled with 6 guys and Hei Se Hui Mei Mei is a girl's group from the TV Show "I Love Blackie (Who is the host)" it is a talent portion and they all well basically won. Anyways, they are all really cute together.

I really enjoyed the whole show, except the beginning, eh. But it gets really funny and sweet after, and have I mentioned how much I LOVE the beginning song, IDK why its just so cute! :D

This is another one of my fav songs from the show called Da Zhu Tou (Big Pig Head) and its English subbed!

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)


  1. I watched like the first couple of episodes before but it got a bit too crowded so I grew tired of it and never finished it.

  2. Yeah, I know the middle kind boring but I did like the ending
    The only reason I watched it was for Ah Wei cuz hes very funny :D

    Wdebo :)


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