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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Finally a Review! The Redheaded Princess By: Ann Rindali

Title: The Redheaded Princess
Author: Ann Rindali
Amount of Pages: 208
Publisher: HarperCollins
Publishing Year: 2008
Geared Towards: Younger Readers (10+)
Summary (Credits to front flap):
A Princess in exile...
Growing up, Elizabeth fears she can never be Queen. Although she is the King's daughter, no woman can ever hope to rule over men in England, especially when her mother has been executed for treason.
For all her royal blood, Elizabeth's life is fraught with danger and uncertainty. Sometimes she is welcome in the royal court; other times she is cast out in the courtryside. With her position constantly changing, the Princess must navigate a sea of shifting loyalties and dangerous affections. At stake is her life-for beheading is not uncommon among the factions that war for the Crown.
Wdebo's Review: When I first picked up this book, I thought it would be more geared towards OLDER READERS seeing as it was in the YA section of the library. Later after reading the front flap where it says (Grades 3-7) I figured that I was wrong... But it was a pretty good book, I love any book about Henry VI, he is just such an "interesting" figure in history, right?
Pro: It was intersting, it kind of sucks you in, like all books about that time frame. Elizabeth's story is a very powerful story and Ann Rinaldi wrote amazingly to weave this great book.
Con: What I have on lots of my other cons, the beginning was a bit boring, but like I said before getting that perfect beginning is hard and books rarely have that amazing beginning. Also, the book gets kind of confusing about the time. Like one second she's nine and all of sudden she's fourteen and *a spoiler alert* kissing this forty year guy *End of spoiler*. Also, the character of Elizabeth kind of annoyed me, even though I knew I was suppose to be feeling bad for her, but she was pretty spoiled in some of the parts, spoiled people anger me.
All in all, this was a nice easy read, especially perfect for younger readers (But a warning to younger readers, there may be some subject that may be unsuitable for really young readers).
Grade: B+
Wdebo :)
Yeah! I finally got a review out! I am very proud of myself.


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