Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Tuesday's Taiwanese Superstar!! Xiao Zhu!!

So, I have decided to have a new spotlight thingy that has nothing for books (on my book blog..eeh) anyways, this will showcase Taiwanese idols (mostly) who I love and want to share with the whole world, because Taiwan is only so big!

To Kick start this spotlight I have decided to begin with...Xiao Zhu (Little Pig)!

Xiao Zhu is an AMAZING actor he is part of Corner with Love (Still havent seen it got to tho), and he dances sings and plays instruments (amazing right?) also a host on Entertainment 100%

Here is him making fun of Titanic, lol

And Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui (His fellow host of Entertainment 100%) go to a beauty saloon lol!

And him just being well..him

Well, that's all please tell me what you think and if I should add anything (Will anyone even read this?!)

Wdebo :)


P.S. New parts available:

Part two

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