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Monday, January 5, 2009

Perfect Chemistry By: Simone Elkeles

Title: Perfect Chemistry
Author: Simone Elkeles
Amount of Pages: 357
Copyright Year: 2008
Publisher: Walker Books
Geared Towards: Older Teens (14+)
Extra Info: I got the ARC so some of the information might be different

Summary: Brittany Ellias is the puts on a perfect facade to being the "perfect" girl from the North. But no one knows, except her best friend how messed up her life really is and even she doens't know the whole extent from a mentally disabled older sister to a crazy mom, life is not all it seems to the people who don't know the real Brittany. On the South side, is Alex Fuentes, a total bad boy and part of the blood gang. Though he looks mean inside he is a really good person who wants to go to college and make a future for himself, but has to stay back to save and protect his family.

When the two are paired up as lab partners in Chemistry both of them can't be more angry at their chem teacher. But after a while both finds each others good points and the classic love stories between two totally different people blooms, well they do say "opposites attract!"

Wdebo's Review: This is one of the best books I've read so far in '09 (true this is the ONLY book I've read so far in '09 but it is very good. I couldn't put it down! The beginning really captured me, which is hard to say, because many books, even really good ones, have really horrible or horribly boring beginnings, but this one didn't!

Pro: Excellent writing, the characters are developed very well, and you can totally tell their personalities and how they out just from the writing. The story is also well developed and the plot is interesting, yes people have written about stories along these lines but not exactly.

Con: Though the story is well written I thought it was a little rough for me, I understand that that is Alex's character and how is life is settled but, yeah. I am also not the biggest fan of the cover, but I know that the author has no control over that.

All and all, I really enjoyed this story and I think all of you should go out and read it now!!

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)


  1. nice review. it reminds me of invisible touch in a way...another awesome book.


  2. Thank you! Yeah, its really good!

  3. Nice review! I hope to read it soon.

    I love your blog btw! I just found it and it's awesome!

  4. Haha thanks so much Bianca!


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