Saturday, February 7, 2009

Smiling Pasta

Ok, I also reviewed this TDrama before, but since it was on my "FIRST POST" (Wow that was like six months ago-time goes by so fast!) and it was part of my Queen of Babble review, so yeah, here it is again! My friend also reviewed it...

Cheng Xiao Shi (Cyndi Wang), is a very unlucky girl with a curse on her that says she will not have any relationships past 3 months. After her 16th relationship fails (surprise surprise it was on their 3 month anniversary), she runs into He Qun (Nicholas Teo), who is running away after his girlfriend, Rita (Zhao Hong Qiao), leaves with his brother Ah Zhe (Gino). He Qun runs into Xiao Shi and knocks her down and accidently kisses her, this sparks media frenzy, because they think He Qun and Rita are still dating!

This was the second drama I ever watched (Hana Kimi was the first) so I was still on my Hana Kimi obsession. I didn't think that anyone could replace Chun and Ella in the cutest couple category and Hana Kimi in the cutest love story category. I was wrong, I learned that all of them could share the spotlight. Cyndi and Nicholas are so cute together! They are so pei (Chinese for compatible). Cyndi is so cute and funny and Nicholas is so sweet, but he looks so depressed during the whole show, even in his happy moments he looks like something big is bothering him.

I love their chemistry in this show, I guess thats why I love TDramas, because of the chemistry between the main characters, b/c in some shows there is just no chemistry the only reason you know they are suppose to be together is because they say "I love you," but even then they say it with a stony face, and saying that in movies is not only suppose to make the main girl character's heart feel like jelly, but also the audience watching. Um, those lines don't make my heart feel like jelly it just makes me pissed and want my money back.

I love the story its so funny and cute and just has the TDrama charm in it, they lines are hillarious and they just make you randomly burst out laughing or urge them to jia you (Chinese for go! or buck up! or good luck! )

Grade: A

I also LOVE the beginning song Rainbow Smile by Cyndi Wang!

Wdebo :)


  1. I tried watching Smiling Pasta but barely got halfway through the first episode before I turned it off. xD It was the first time I heard Cyndi spoke instead of singing and I got annoyed. ><

    Are you talking about Hana Kimi the Taiwanese version? I only watched the first episode but it's quite cute. =)

  2. Yeah, lol, I've only watched the Taiwanese version of all the shows :P I did love Hana Kimi so cute, I get so angry whenever ppl say Ella is ugly just b/c she dresses like a guy, she is really pretty and totally compatible with Quan :D

    I know her voice is really high and can get pretty annoying, but after you get past the voice part, the drama is so cute!

    Wdebo :)

  3. LOVE THIS DRAMA! I keep watching it over and over. Nicholas Teo is so cute in this. He makes me smile.

  4. This drama is absolutly adorable and sweet and funny just wonderful!

    And Nicholas..yeah!!

    Wdebo :)


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