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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Random Taiwanese MVs.. Bear with me

Don't worry, this is just a phase I will hopefully grow out obsession with Taiwanese idols/pop culutre...

First, since Laina has pointed out to me that Sky Sweetnamm (Im sorry I think I spelled her name wrong) has done a cover on Superstar, I have decided to put the original one by S.H.E up (One of my favorite songs by them!)

Next, lets have something with Asian flair.. :D Cheng Yao by: Xiao Zhu, this song is all about how he's thanking everyone who has helped him (including his mom...she's the last one the one who holds him while he jumps into her arms...) I was very sad when Xiao Gui wasn't in it, I thought he would be the very first one to appear!!

Lastly, Lian ai ING (Dating-ing) By: Mayday (Main singer is Ashin-from Si Ben Dao Yue Qiu) It is such a happy song!! Ahsin's voice scared me at first cuz the first song i heard him sing was Si Ben, and that song was so soft and cutesy and here he is belting out HAPPY ING, but I seriously love this song!!

Wdebo :)


  1. lol, Cheng Yao is gonna be my new fav song. Xiao Zhu is so hilarious!!

  2. I kno I so love that song now, and he totally showed his YLBFB spirit on that song :D


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