Thursday, February 5, 2009

Love or Bread

Ahh, another Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng collaboration, they are so cute, ArJoe forever!!

Love or Bread is the story about Fa Lan Ke "Frank" (Joe Cheng) and Shan Mei (Ariel Lin). Frank is a very poor guy, but he always had dreams of becoming rich, so he puts on a fascade of being a rich guy. Shan Mei, on the other hand, is a very hard worker and is also very poor. One day while on a job at the bank, SM calls Frank's house to inquire about some bank business but when she calls there is suddenly silence, so she runs to his house and finds him attcked by some bad people. She saves him, and they later run into each other MANY times. (That, my friends, is called destiny, or they are SO fated to fall in love! <3 )

Shan Mei goes out of the country to visit her boyfriend, who she has been sending money to for a couple of years. When she goes, however, she finds out her BF has been unfaithful, and later runs away, not with a ring on her finger but with a heaviness in her heart. When she gets back strange circumstances make Frank and SM roomates and their love blossoms from there, even though SM finds Frank dispicable.

This drama (ends next week-I'm so sad!) is very short, its only 12 episodes long! It is extremly funny and cute, it feels like ArJoe switch roles, because they have completly diffrent personalities then in ISWAK. Ariel of course is a pheonminal actress in this show and they just are so perfect for each other!

I hope all of you can watch it!!

Wdebo :)

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