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Monday, May 25, 2009

Book To Movie: The Tenth Circle

Title: The Tenth Circle
Author: Jodi Picoult
Amount of Pages: 387
Publisher: Washington Square Press
Publishing Year: 2006
Geared Towards: Adults or Older Teens
Extra Info: The movie version is part of the Lifetime Original Movie. The cast members include Ron Eldard, Kelly Preston and Britt Robertson. Here is some movie info...

"Her hands were knotted together between them, like a heart that had broken its bounds. 'Daddy,' she whispered. 'He raped me.'"

Summary (From author's site): When Daniel Stone was a child, he was the only white boy in a native Eskimo village where his mother taught, and he was teased mercilessly because he was different. He fought back, the baddest of the bad kids: stealing, drinking, robbing and cheating his way out of the Alaskan bush – where he honed his artistic talent, fell in love with a girl and got her pregnant. To become part of a family, he reinvented himself – jettisoning all that anger to become a docile, devoted husband and father. Fifteen years later, when we meet Daniel again, he is a comic book artist. His wife teaches Dante’s Inferno at a local college; his daughter, Trixie, is the light of his life – and a girl who only knows her father as the even-tempered, mild-mannered man he has been her whole life. Until, that is, she is date raped…and Daniel finds himself struggling, again, with a powerlessness and a rage that may not just swallow him whole, but destroy his family and his future.

Wdebo's Review: Yeah!! Another amazing book from Jodi Picoult. The actions of the characters were so vivid. Her writing always makes me feel like I am going on a journey around wherever she wants to take me.

This book is diffrent for what I am used to by her because instead of making each chapter from a different character's perspective, she goes with each paragraph. This can be good I guess, it does allow you to see each character's story unravail and come nicely tied together, but I guess there is such thing as TOO much perspective. I think I like each chapter with a diffrent character more then each paragraph. But the good thing about it is that you won't have to read A LOT about one character before you get to read about the other.

I did not like the character of Trixie she was too baby-y for me. She was very spoiled sounding.

Favorite Character: Willie- He was very sweet.

The Cover: I really liked it, it was very simple but very deep at the same time. (A-)

All in all, this was a really great book. Sure to please all of Jodi Picoult's fans.

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)


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