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Saturday, May 2, 2009

Kiss Goodbye-Wang Lee Hom

Amazing song by Lee Hom

Lee Hom is also an ABC (Hurray! ABC Powrrrrr)

His piano playing powers are AMAZING!

He had a PERFECT SAT score!! (No wonder there's a facebook group called "LeeHom is the Most Perfect Azn Specimen"

He was accepted into Yale and Princeton...but went with MUSIC!!

He graduated from Williams (Isn't that like a realli top notch lieral arts college?) with honors!!
He plays like ten diffrent instruments (BF standard up again lol)

Hope you enjoy it!

Eng subbed!

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Wdebo :)


  1. i think he has now played more than 10 instruments cos he likes to learn new things and perfectify them :D

    not only those physical things, his talent, creativity, good upbringing, good character and personality certainly won many people over :)

  2. So true, he is just wonderfully amazing!


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