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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

WTF? I'm still not done with it??!!

Ok, I'm really sorry I haven't been book blogging on my book blog lately, but I promise you I WILL AFTER AP testing *gag me*.

So, that's not what my babbling is about. It is about how I am STILL NOT FINISHED WITH SLUMDOG MILLIONARIE!!

I watched the very end becaue I had to work on a project for chinese school and then I watched from the beginning to middle at my friend's party, but I still haven't finished it yet!!

AHH!! I am not a very happy camper about it. I mean it's so GOOD!!! *Sigh*I guess that's what summers are for huh?

Anyways, now that we're on the topic of movies, I totally want to watch Let the Right One In...

So what movies do you want you want to watch?

Wdebo :)


  1. Let the Right One In was pretty good. I've never watched a movie where the English was dubbed so that part was a little odd to me at first but I got used to it. It was really interesting and kind of a weird movie, but in a good way.

  2. Yeah that's what I like about it...

    Oh I so want to watch it!!

    Wdebo :)

  3. I don't watch movies unless they're on TV usually. I listen to more music, lol.

  4. Ooh you should finish it as soon as possible! I LOVED it! :)

    I want to watch let the right one in too, looks awesome!

    Hmm I want to watch TONS of movies. Some are:
    Rudo y Cursi (which comes out today but NO WHERE near me)
    500 days of summer
    paper towns
    gigantic(came out already but again, no WHERE near me)
    sin nombre (already saw it but i want to watch it again! it was that great)

    this list could go on forever but yeah, I want to watch those :)

  5. I know..I know I do :D

    Paper Towns..As in Paper Towns by John Green? It's going to be a movie?

    Wdebo :)


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