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Friday, May 15, 2009

Peace, Love & Baby Ducks

Title: Peace, Love & Baby Ducks
Author: Lauren Myracle
Amount of Pages: 289 (approx)
Publisher: Penguin Group
Publishing Date: May 14, 2009
Geared Towards: 12 +

"Little sisters want to be than their big sisters. Everything the big sister has, the little sister wants-and more"

Summary: Carly and Anna are sisters living in a wealthy neighborhood and the students of the poshest of the posh boarding school. Carly, being the oldest, has always been the one that Anna, being the younger sister, leans on. Now however things change...

When fifteen-year-old Carly comes home from her intense six week camping trip she finds out that her cute little fourteen-year-old Anna is no longer cute and little any more. She has become the kind of girl that all the guys dream about.

Through the three parts of the book (Peace, Love and yes...Baby Ducks) the struggle of two sisters journey through one year of high school is revealed in Lauren's sarcastic, funny, and sweet voice as Carly and Anna learn exactly what sisterly love means.

Here's Lauren Myracle talking about it...

Wdebo's Review: I LOVED The Internet Girl Series (TTYL, TTFN, L8r G8r) they were so sweet and funny and I just loved Lauren's narration through IMs. Anyways, this isn't a review for The Internet Girl Series, but for Peace, Love & Baby Ducks.

This book was just so adorably funny! I had so much fun reading it and I just wished for a sister while reading it. (Being an only child I felt lonely). I could totally relate to Carly, she's the nerdy-er one and well one who feels diffrent (with all her hippie cloths.) But after the second part she just annoyed the crap out of me because she was just acting so dumb especially with Cole. Eh.

Anna, even though she was the pretty/hot one was still a shy and timid girl, I felt really bad for her, she does not understand what is happening to her and she just seemed so confused (until the very end then I just wantedto punch her) but before that I felt so bad for her.

Favorite Character: Roger-he's so sweet and always there for Carly (he even proclaimed it) it would be amazing to have a BF like that :D

All in all, this was an adorably sweet book that I'm sure many of you will love to read and can totally get into. Cute and funny!

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)

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