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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Jay Chou

Yeah!! Welcome to another amazing episode of...Tuesday's Taiwanese Superstar (insert heart here)!

So, this week I have decided to do it on Jay Chou. The amazing star and director of Secret and he also has a new movie out (Don't know what it's called but my friend was obsessivly watching it in Chinese School) about kung-fu and basketball.
Here's some info from Wiki...
Name: 周杰倫 / Zhou Jie Lun
Eng Name: Jay Chou
Profession: Singer, songwriter, actor
Knows how to play: Piano, violin, cello, guitar, drum, guzheng (A chinese instrument that you pluck strings like a layed down harp), erhu (a two stringed chinese violin, like a small lap cello), harmonica
So here's one of my fav song by him...Fearless (Eng Subbed)

Also, if you have a chance do check out the movie (Fearless with JET LI-ok so it has Jet Li so it IS AMAZING!)
This is another great song (sad and sweet mv) by him I'm not Worthy (Eng subbed)

If you want more mvs by him just search on Youtube "Jay Chou eng sub"
Hope you enjoy it!! And remember to comment esp if you loved it!
Wdebo :)


  1. Fearless is a hella one awesome song! I feel like kicking someone's butt every time I listen to it!

  2. Finally!!! He is like my favorite idol! Yay! I like his rapping a lot.

  3. Diana-lol yep! Thank god for adrenaline rushes :D

    Isa-I like his rapping too, but I still have NO IDEA what he is saying!

    Wdebo :)


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