Monday, August 17, 2009

Fated to Love You

So, Diana recently told me that she was watching Fated to Love You, and I decided that I totally needed to review it. [Yeah, I'm reviewing it more like a book!!]

Fated to Love You is one of the highest rated TDrama...check it out! :)

Title: Fated to Love You
Chinese Title: Ming Zhong Zhu Ding Wo Ai Ni
Also Known As: Sticky Note Girl and Destiny Love
Amount of Episodes: 24
Theme Song: 99 Times I Loved Him
Ending Song: Sticky Note Love
Starring: Joe Chen as Chen Xi Yi, Etan Ruan as Ji Chun Xi, Bianca Bai as Anna, and Baron Chen as Dylan.
Reccomended For: Older Viewers (14 +)
Summary: Chen Xin Yi is an ubber plain girl, from the way she's dressed, the way she looks to her name. She is a "sticky note" girl, she lets people walk all over her and become their personal assistant without thinking twice about it.
One day, her and her boyfriend go onto love cruise. There she meets Cun Xi, the sole male heir of his father's company. Cun Xi has been in love with his girlfriend, Anna, a ballerina who is playing the lead in Swan Lake in New York, for a long time, and planned to propose to her on the cruise, before she said she couldn't go, so he went on the cruise by himself.
That night, Xin Yi accidently drinks too much cold medicine and gets in a very disoriented state, while contemplating whether to give up her virginity to her boyfriend, and Cun Xi gets drugged by the island owner. CX stubbles into his room, then soon XY comes into his room thinking that this is her room. Then, XY thinking CX is her BF and CX thinking XY is Anna, they both have a one night stand.
When they learn the error of their ways, they part, thinking they would never see each other again. Then, XY finds out she's knocked up and the whole story takes a turn of pace with CX's grandmother forcing them to get married, but can love really be forced, and what happens when Anna gets back? And the mysterious Dylan comes into XY's life?

Wdebo's Review:
I really did enjoy this drama it was funny and just wonderful, even though there were random parts that were slow and kinda boring. It was all so great, except the one night stand part, was ubber awkward lol, I just had to skip over that.
The acting was really great, it was so sweet to see Joe go from plain to pretty. I liked all of the characters, except for Anna, she really does not know how to treat her boyfriend who loves her so much! She stood him up so many times, and Cun Xi is stupid to let her walk all over him like that.
Now I have to talk about CX's dog, Ji Bao Bei. OK, that dog is like more spoiled then I am. Oh, the dog has it's own I POD! I only have a crappy little shuffle, and the dog is pushed around in a stroller and not allowed to have her paws touch the ground. Bah.
But I thought their love was super sweet :) It was such a cute love story, though some middle parts were really boring. The ending was unnaturlly sweet, loved it, awesome end of such a great series!!
All in all, I think a lot of people would like this drama, it was easy for me to relate to, being the wallflower that I am, but it was super dupper sweet! And the opening song ROCKS!!
Grade: A-
Wdebo :)
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  1. OMG!!!!!! I actually watched the drama! Which is shocking since I've only watched like 5 dramas. Anyway it was pretty good the ending was so blah! The birth thing!? So fake!

  2. Haha, I'm so glad!! I know it was way fake...bahaha...but it was cute :)

  3. I really Loved Fated to Love you It was so funny

  4. Yeah1 Another Fated 2 Love U lover :) I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


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