Sunday, October 31, 2010

In My Mailbox (17)

Wow, I haven't posted an IMM for a few months...but I'm back again!! AHH I have the SAT IIs next week, so nervous :(

IMM is brought to you by The Story Siren~

The Books...


The Ghostgirl series

The Haunted By: Jessica Verday + Perfume Kit

Pretty Little Liars Secret Keeper Halloween Gift (PLL flashlight + m&ms)

So what's in your mailbox?

Wdebo :)

Saturday, October 30, 2010

The Contagious Spread of C-Pop~

So, I totally forgot about posting a mv today, and I'll probably forget next week, because of the SAT IIs...well here is something that just makes me really happy, I love how Americans are starting to get into always makes me happy when I see Americans sing I decided to dedicate this post to all those C-pop songs sung by Americans...enjoy~

YouTube Channel: woopthereitis123
Song: 今天你要嫁給我 (Jin Tian Ni Yao Jia Gei Wo/Today You Will Marry Me) By: David Tao and Jolin Tsai.

Check them out! I think their voices are really good and so are their rapping :)

YouTube Channel: frankie0414
Song: 童話 (Tong Hua/Fairytale) By: Guang Liang

His voice is very good...pronunciation needs work, but he's quite good...and he's using the mv music so haha...I love this song a lot and I think he did very good:)

YouTube Channel: euroc2
Song: 黑色毛衣 (Hei Se Mao Yi/Black Sweater) By: Jay Chou

He has a very good voice, but of course...pronounciation...

YouTube Channel: brainsteww
Song: Kiss Goodbye By: Leehom Wang

YEAH!! Leehom!!

YouTube Channel: chryswlch1
Song: 你不知道的事 (Ni Bu Zhi Dao De Shi/The Things You Don't Know) By: Leehom

Her voice is so good...and this is such a good song!

YouTube Channel: dannypamu
Song: 我愛的人 (Wo Ai De Ren/The Person I Love) By: Jordan Chen

Good song...and good singing.

Ok well that's that...hope you enjoy! And get engulfed in the C-pop craze...Yeah~~~~

Wdebo :)

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Cafe Chit Chat: Erin McCahan

So, this post was supposed to be apart of a blog tour...but since of some circumstances I was not able to recieve the information and post it up until now. But, oh well!

Here is an interview I did with Erin McChan the author of I Now Pronounce You Someone Else [Click HERE for review]. Enjoy!


Wdebo: Please describe yourself in three adjectives.
Erin McCahan: red, blue, 5’7”
I got these from my driver’s license – hair, eyes and height. Driver’s licenses should come with the following warning: Photo merely approximates actual subject’s appearance. In real life, I do not walk around looking as if I’m following a very bad smell but trying to politely ignore it.

W: Please describe a typical day.
EM: Up early.
Chai/coffee with my husband.
Wave as he leaves for work.
Say morning prayers inside, in my icon corner.
Read paper, watch a few minutes of national news.
Go up to my desk.
Stare blankly at computer screen.
Get on the treadmill.
Go back to writing.
Race up to the store at 5:30 when I realize I have nothing in the house for dinner.
Up early . . .
Yes, it’s true. Writers lead exciting lives.

W: How did you come up with the storyline for I Now Pronounce You Someone Else?
EM: It evolved from the collision of three elements:

1. My shameless fascination with weddings. From black tie to blue jeans, I love weddings.
2. My own alias, which I gave myself in the event I ever need to leave the country in a hurry. Phoebe Lilywhite – sounds English, which I long to be, and also sounds like someone who has never been tan in her life. That’s definitely me.
3. My relationship with my step-dad – who died before I had a chance to tell him how much I loved him.

W: What do you believe is one important message readers will take from your book?
EM: The one that most people write me about it this: You really need to know who you are as an individual before you become part of a couple – before you become an “Us,” as Bronwen says.

W: If you were stranded on an island and could only bring five items what would they be?
EM: Wood, a saw, a hammer and two shipbuilders to build a boat to get us off the island we got stranded on.

W: Are you working on any projects now? And if so, can you please tell us about them?
EM: Yes, I’m working on another YA novel, tentatively called Kissing Mr. Glaser. In it, brainy sixteen-year-old Josie Sheridan falls in love with a guy who falls in love with Josie’s older sister who is engaged to a man Josie hates. When the sister seems to return Josie’s love interest’s feelings, Josie finds herself armed with all the ammunition she needs to prevent her sister’s wedding. But Josie hesitates and must examine how pure her motives are, where her loyalty lies and just what this business of love is all about.

W: Who are some of your favorite authors?
EM: Nathaniel Hawthorne, Kurt Vonnegut, J.D. Salinger, David McCullough, Annie Dillard, Francisco X. Stork, Katherine Howe.

W: What is your FAVORITE book in the world?
EM: Franny and Zooey

W: Do you have anything else you would like to add?
EM: Yes. I would like to add 13, 679 and 4,192. In my head. Just to see if I can.

Hope you enjoyed!

Wdebo :)

Saturday, October 23, 2010

I Don't Want to be Immortal-Alien Huang


Chinese Title: 我不要長生不老 (Wo Bu Yao Chang Sheng Bu Lao)
English Title: I Don't Want to be Immortal
Artist: Alien Huang (小鬼)
TTS: Yes (Part 1 and Part 2)

Wdebo's Notes: I really loved this song ever since it first came out, but I could never find the English subbed version...I was always too busy to sub it myself. But now that I found an english subbed version I can finally share with everyone ^^ I love this's very sad...and what he says at the end is really sad also. Bravo Xiao Gui you did wonderfully on this song :)

Listen and Love!

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!

Wdebo :)

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Contest: Spooktastic Giveaway


So, to celebrate Halloween I have a wonderful contest for you guys!! You can either win Pack 1 or Pack 2, pack 1 will have two winners and pack 2 will have one winner!

Pack #1 (Scary Teen Reads)
*The Witches' Kitchen
*The Saga of Larten Crepsley: Birth of a Killer
*Dark Song

Pack #2 (Four-legged Friend Middle Grade Reads)

*Dewey the Library Cat
*The Adventures of Nanny Piggins
*Tuntum & Nutmeg: Tales from Rose Cottege

Don't these just look so wonderful? So to enter all you have to do is fill out the form HERE! And you can recieve an two extra entrees if you comment on this post to the question "What are you going to be or what do you want to be (if you could be anything) for Halloween?"

My answer to this question is...Nana...yes I am gonna be Nana, as in Nana from the manga first time dressing punk and it's for Halloween...YES =]

Contest ends: November 2nd

Contest is US only (Please no P.O. Boxes) Srry international winners :(
Good luck!!
Wdebo :)

Cafe Chit Chat: Jessica Verday

As a way to promote her new tour with Michelle Zink, Jessica Verday has decided to do interviews with a few bloggers. And so here we are! Jessica Verday is the author of The Hollow and the second book The Haunted...well enjoy!


Wdebo: Please describe yourself in three adjectives.
Jessica Verday: Adventurous, Creative, and Silly

W: Please describe a typical day.
J: Wait, there's a such thing as a typical day? Every day's a little different.

W: How did you come up with the idea for your The Hollow trilogy?
J: A lot of credit has to go to Washington Irving for The Legend of Sleepy Hollow. But it was Abbey herself that first came to me and I built the story around her.

W: Do any of your characters remind you of someone you know from real life?
J: Several of my characters have traits that were inspired by real people but they are all very much fiction.

W: What is your favorite color?
J: Purple

W: If you were stranded on an island and could only bring five things what would they be?
J: My husband, a fully loaded Kindle, plant seeds, a box of matches, and rope.

W: Are you working on any new projects now? And if so, can you tell us more about it?
J: I am. But for now, it's super secret.

W: Who are some of your favorite authors ever?
J: L. M. Montgomery, Charlotte Brontë, Eudora Welty, Stephen King, L.J. Smith

W: What is your FAVORITE book in the whole world?
I don't really have one. I enjoy reading a lot.

W: Do you have anything else you would like to add?
Thanks so much for having me. I hope you enjoy The Haunted and I hope to see everyone at the Ghosts and Graves Book Tour.

W: Thanks so much for letting me do the interview!


Wdebo :)

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Wicked Lovely By: Melissa Marr

Title: Wicked Lovely
Author: Melissa Marr
Amount of Pages: 328
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: June 12, 2007
Geared Towards: Teens (Faerie/Paranoramal Romance Lovers)
From: Friend

"Then he said the words that'd sealed so many mortal girls' fates. 'I've dreamed about her. She's the one.'" P. 14

Summary (From B.O.B):

Rule #3:
Don't stare at invisable faeries
Rule #2
Don't speak to invisible faeries.
Rule #1
Don't ever attract their attention.

Aislinn has always seen faeries. Powerful and dangerous, they walk hidden in the mortal world. When the rules that have kept Aislinn safe from them stop working, everything is suddenly on the line: her freedom; her best friend, Seth; her life; everything.

Faery intrigue, mortal love, and the clash of ancient rules and modern expectations swirl together in Melissa Marr's stunning twenty-first centruy faery tale.

Wdebo's Review: I had read many good reviews about Wicked Lovely and so I decided to jump on the bandwagon and read it. Though in the beginning it was a bit hard to get into and it felt slow, but after a while it sped up and became, not only action-filled but it was also able to capture romance, intrigue and so many other spell-binding characteristics that many faerie books try to do but do not succed.

Before Wicked Lovely, I had read a lot of faerie books, I never thought I would like Wicked Lovely a lot, most of the faerie books did seem to feed off of each other and have a lot of the same characteristics over and over again. So, when I first began reading it I wasn't all that interested, I would put it down for long periods of time and randomly pick it up and begin skim-reading some of the pages before putting it down. But after a while I found myself getting sucked into Aislinn and the Winter/Summer Court faeries' worlds. It became very very addicting.

Melissa Marr was able to paint the scenes of the courts beautifully and get much emotion into the book. Even though this was her debut novel her writing was very strong and wonderfully done.

Aislinn wasn't my most favorite character,she seemed kind of weak, even though at times she did have undeniable strength; however, she always seeemed to need someone by her. I liked Seth a lot more, I mean he was strong character that was always behind Aislinn, it was sweet to read about Seth, he was this tough guy but with a soft side espeically when it came to Aislinn. Keenan was ok, I mean he is doing all this to save his courts and he does get a good love story (all the characters did, which made me a happy camper :) ); however, I really do not understand why people always have to write about beautiful Faerie males as having long hair...everytime I see a guy with long hair it kind of scares me, so I don't really understand the attarctiveness of long hair.

Cafe Cover Chat: I really like the cover, it has a blue-ness to it and since blue is my favorite color so yeah! =] (B+)

All in all, a wonderful story for Faerie/Paranormal romance lovers. Filled with wonderful imagry and writing. Sure to enthrall readers 'till the last word.

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too Naive-Guang Liang

Chinese Title: 太天真
English Title: Too Naive
Artist: Guang Liang (Michael Wong)
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)
TTS: None

Wdebo's Notes: This is from Guang Liang's newest album and all I can say is that I LOVE THIS SONG! I love Guang Liang...he has such a wonderful voice and his songs always have so much feeling and beauty to them. Amazing song...he never fails to impress and will def be another one of my top songs =] His voice is just so gorgeous!

Listen and Love!

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!
Wdebo :)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Ken Zhu (F4)

The last part of the F4 cycle...enjoy!~

Chinese Name: 朱孝天
English Name: Ken Zhu (Chu)
Birthday: January 15, 1979
Age: 31
Birthplace: Taiwan
What he does: Actor, Singer, Composer, and Author (Cook)
Instrument(s): Guitar
TDramas: Momo Love [Click HERE for review], Meteor Garden (!!), Love Storm, etc.

Background Info: Even though Ken was born in Taiwan, he was educated in Singapore so he knows how to speak, not only Mandarin, but also Cantanese and English. His showbiz life began as he was an assistant to a few stars, then he acted in a few dramas, and then he was cast in the drama, Meteor Garden! Which basically made him very famous (F4!!) After F4 disbanded he released a soloalbum and also a cookbook called Delicious Relations. Ken is also very talented in tai ji...and he has won two boxing medals in tai ji. In 2007 he stared in the Philipines movie Batanes: Sa Dulo ng Walang Hanggan.

Ken is also engaged...but I don't have a lot of info about it...does anyone have anymore info on it?

Here is a picture of him and his fiance, Kelly Lin...

Now for music ^^ This is my favorite song by him, it's called Here We Are...he has a very nice voice! (Sorry no english subs :( )

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!
Wdebo :)

Monday, October 11, 2010

As You Wish By: Jackson Pearce

Title: As You Wish
Author: Jackson Pearce
Amount of Pages: 298
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: August 25, 2009
Geared Towards: Teens/Romance lovers
From: Library

"'There are three overarching protocols for earthbound jinn-respect one's master, be visible only to one's master, and return to Caliban as quickly as possible.'" P. 32

Summary (From Front Flap): Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing-to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again-until one day she inadvertently summons as young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes.

Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy. As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servent begin to blur, and soon Jinn can't deny that he's falling for Viola. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn as well...and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life-and her world-forever.

Wdebo's Review: At first glance the book sounds like what the cover looks like. Childish and cute. But seriously, the cover does this book absolutely no justice. This book was funny, sweet, romantic, wonderful, magical and a bunch of other adjectives that basically scream awesome.

The story seems pretty cliche and standard, fall in love with a genie (or "jinn" as they are called), yet be unable to truly be together. Overdone right? Nope. Jackson Pierce was able to take this totally corny magical romance storyline and spin it into such an enchanting, delightful story. From the first word you read, it is terribly hard to put down. The story is so addicting, you can't stop reading until you're down to the last, amazingly swoon-worthy word.

Now that we are on the topic of "swoon-worthy" the main guy Jinn, is bascially the definition of addicting. Sexy and mysterious are only a few words to describe him, and he's a genie (uh hum "jinn") that bascially just seals the deal right there. Viola's best friend, Lawerence, is also awesome, if I ever have a gay best friend, that is who I want it to be. He is always there for Viola and always desires to lend her a helping hand.

Viola, on the other hand, is not the best character in the world. She is quite annoying at times when she constantly whines to Lawrence that he "owes her." I mean, it's not his fault she fell in love with a gay guy! And she is not a very character either which bothers me. But apart from that, she has two totally jealous-making relationships with two wonderful guys.

Cafe Cover Chat: Yeah, no. Yes, it is cute, but it looks like something from a middle grade book...wish, if they could in the next edition, change it...the model is not really conveying a very Viola-like attitude, she has a "what should I eat for lunch" look on her face, not a very representation of "what should I do? How could I have fallen for a JINN?!!!" (B-)

All in all, a wonderfully funny and cute novel that is sure to enchant readers from beginning to end.

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Taiwan + Contest Alert!

So, I know I don't review books a lot anymore (insert depressed face), but I have good reason why! [See senior post]. Anywho, just think I will babble a bit before I get off the computer.

So, well first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAIWAN!! Yep today is Taiwan's National Celebration day or as we call in Taiwan 雙十節 (Double Ten Holiday). So...YEAH!!!

And also, I have a contest alert for everyone! Kelly Oram, the author of Being Jamie Baker, will be randomly giving away one signed copy of her book a week for the month of November. The contest info is on her blog HERE...super easy to join in and the book looks absolutely fan-tabu-lous =] Haha. It's pink, and it's about superpowers and romance...totally on my TBR list and the book trailer is pretty awesome below!! :D

Hope you can join!!

And now I have to get ready for piano lesson and Chinese School...


Wdebo :)

Saturday, October 9, 2010

A Little Piece of Heaven-Avenged Sevenfold

Title: A Little Piece of Heaven
Artist: Avenged Sevenfold
Language: English
TTS: None

Wdebo's Review: So today I have decided to, instead of showcasing my usual love songs, to show my current song obsession. This song is, well epic! It has everything in it woodwinds, brass, strings, drums, and a choir! I mean what songs do you get that? Wonderful vocals, and all of that...the song is very addicting; however, the lyrics are just a tad violent....ok...really violent. But if you don't listen for the lyrics it is just so good...but this is one of the two Avenged Sevenfold songs I've listened to...does anyone know anymore?

Anywho...the mv is very violent and over-the-toply disturbing, so I'll just post the lyric vid and just link to it HERE :)

Listen and Love!

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!

Wdebo :)

Monday, October 4, 2010

If I Stay By: Gayle Forman

Title: If I Stay
Author: Gayle Forman
Amount of Pages: 234
Publisher: Dutton Juvenile
Release Date: April 2, 2009
Geared Towards: Teenage Readers
From: Won

"'I was talking to Liz and she said maybe coming back to your old life would just be too painful, that maybe it'd be easier for you to erase us. And that would suck, but I'd do it. I can lose you like that if I don't lose you today. I'll let you go. If you stay.'" p. 231

Summary (From B.O.B):
On a day that started
like any other...

Mia had everything: a loving family, a gorgeous, adoring boyfriend, and a bright future full of music and full of choices. Then, in an instant, almost all of that is taken from her. Caught between life and death, between a happy past and an unknown future, Mia spends one critical day contemplating the only decision she ahs left-the most important decision she'll ever make.

Simultaneously tragic and hopeful, this is a romantic riveting, and ultimately uplifting story about memory, music, living, dying, loving.

Wdebo's Review: I first picked up this book a couple of years ago, but after a few pages I just could not get into it at all, no matter how much I tried it just did not seem to interest me at all, yes the idea was pretty interesting, but I didn't know why I didn't like it a lot. However, this summer, I won a prize pack from the Summer Reading Program at the library and I could choose three books, none of the other books looked interesting so I chose If I Stay, thinking that I felt bad about not finishing it, and now, after finishing it, I really really liked it.

The storyline is very interesting and a new idea for me. I don't think I've ever read a book like this one. It was very addicting and it made you want to read and read and read. Because you keep wanting to know what path she will choose. It keeps you hooked until the heart-thumping ending.

I really like Mia's story, very rarely is there a YA book about someone that is so intensly passionate about classical music it is very refreshing and there is a wonderful contrast between her and her boyfriend, how two people can be very different but still be in love and perfect together.

I really liked Adam, Mia's boyfriend, he is just so sweet and cute and he is like the kind of guy I really like. He is so rocker yet so sweet...hehehehe...I want a guy like that ^^ And he understands Mia's love of the cello and will do anything to make her happy. Though Mia is not my most favorite character ever but she is still a very good character.

Cafe Cover Chat: I really like the cover of the book I have (the one above), it is very pretty and saddening at the same time, but the other cover [Click HERE] I am not that big of a fan of...not as exciting. (A-)

All in all, a very good storyline that many are sure to read and not be able to put down till the end. So wonderfully written and just shows you the strength of the human spirit and love.

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)