Sunday, October 26, 2008

Madapple By: Christina Meldrum (Sorry that its all stuck together and gross, cant change it!)

Title: Madapple
Author: Christina Meldrum
Amount of pages: 404
Difficulty: Easy, good vocabulary and packed with information, thank goodness!
Reccomended for: 14 and up
Extra Info: Click HERE for the offical site!
Summary: As a child growing up in total isolation from the world, Aslaug, becomes like a deer in the headlights when her mom suddenly dies from cancer and she is thrown into this unknown world, that we call, our lives. As she wonders around she finally finds her family, that she has never known or thought about, trying to find the answer to the mystery that is her life.
Told from the past (2003) and present (2007), this book weaves a web of great thought provoking questions. How would we survive if we are just thrust into something we've never experianced. Between talking about her life with her mother, with no one around except their neighbor, and the trial that happens every other chapter, Aslaug becomes a very strong narrator, and her voice and story will stick with you for a long long time.
Wdebo's Review: Everyone says, "don't judge a book by its cover", but seriously, the cover is what draws me into a book. The cooler and more thought provoking covers are what I pick up and WANT to read, while those old classic yellowing covers make me want to throw it down and run as far away as possible from it. (Apparantly English teachers do not understand this concept of mine as they always assign the books with the boringist covers known to man, and give it to yours truely), now your probobly just wondering what I am blabbering about now, I said all this because this cover is amazing and it totally made me want to read it. When you finish reading it, you know exactly what it is about.
This book was so great and amazing, it really took me around and surprised me, a lot! I wish everyone has the chance to read this book before they die, because it is just so amazing and spellingbinding, it has such a strong message that everyone needs to know. Aslaug is defidently one of my most favorite protagonists, so is amazing and dark! 10/10!

Weekend Pick (Srry I missed last week)

Hello, friends! So, I totally spaced about last week, and here is this weekend's weekend pick!

Book: Skinned By: Robin Wasserman (Currently reading, I will link to it when I finish reading/reviewing it)

Movie: Hai Jiao Qi Hao (Cape No. seven)- Currently a huge phenom in Taiwan, srry its all chinese movies, I showcase an American one next time! It's really hillarious, and I'm not sure if they've subbed it in english yet, gotta check!

Song: When We Die By: Bowling for Soup

Television Show: Ugly Betty, of course! I even had a whole rambling over it!

Quote: "With an expression on his [Daniel's] face that I figured was suppose to be serious and intent but looked more like constipation." ~I Conquer Britain, Page 190.

So, that's it for this week, join us next time!

P.S. I was wondering if you think I should add a summary for anything I didn't review b4, please comment and tell me.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Impossible By: Nancy Werlin

Title: Impossible

Author: Nancy Werlin


Amount of Pages: 364

Difficulty: Easy- As per usual

Reccomended for: Ages 13 and up

Extra Info: Click HERE for the official website!

Summary: Lucy Scarbrough is a seventeen year old, with the most supportive foster parents, Leo and Soledad, and a super sweet next-door-neighbor-slash-best-friend-who-might-be-in-love-with-her, Zach. Just one thing to ruin this perfect picture life, her crazy mother, Miranda. Lucy wants nothing to do with Miranda and just wants to live her life in peace, but when a new worker comes to work for Soledad, something just doesn't seem right. Then she finds out about a curse that haunts all the women in her family. They have to solve three impossible tasks before their first child is born, or else they turn crazy. When Lucy gets raped by her prom date, who later kills himself, after a couple of weeks she finds out she's pregnent. With that, she finds out that her crazy end is coming, whether she likes it our not.

Wdebo's Review: Wow, I really really, enjoy this book. I just realized how horrible my reviews are, so it's probobly does this book no justice. I seriously love this book, but I did find the beginning slow, but after a few chapters, it gets really interesting and it totally sucked me in, oh my god, it was great. It was like one moment I'm in my room, the next I'm biting my fingernails in nerves hoping that Lucy will get out this one horrible thing then get into another. I seriously find Zach and Lucy to be so sweet that I get cavities, haha Pearl Pink moment. So, yea, I would tell everyone to read this book! 9/10!

P.S. The sequal to Son of a Witch, sequal to Wicked, A Lion Among Men, is out!!! Hurry and get it!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The Missing girl By: Norma Fox Mazer

Title: The Missing Girl

Author: Norma Fox Mazer


Amount of Pages: 284

Difficulty: Easy- It's one of those half books, so it seems like there is a lot, but in all actuality there really isn't that much

Reccomended for: 13 and up

"He could be any man, any respectable ordinary man.
But he's not."

As five sisters-Beauty, Mim, Stevie, Fancy and Autum- live their lives they have no idea that a man is watching them, stalking them, chosing the one he likes back. From being the nobody girl to having a boyfriend, these sisters are from five different corners of the universe. When one of them goes missing and their family becomes even more poor, they will need each other for support.

Wdebo's Review: Wow, this was SUCH a good book! I loved it! I would defidently reccomend this book to all of my friends. It was really raw and it was like Bam,bam, bam then it was done. I honestly ADORE this book, I would reccomend it to ANYONE! 10/10

Saturday, October 11, 2008

New addition to Electrical book cafe rotation...check it out!

Hello! I have decided to do a Weekend Pick, every weekend to showcase my favorite book, movie, song etc. Since I know myself so well, I know that I will probobly talk about the same thing more then once, this just shows how unorganized I am, or if you want to look at it on the bright side, how much I LOVE it! If it is highlighted it means that I have reviewed it and you can check it out if you want :)

So let's begin, shall we?

Movie: Bu Neng Jiang De Mi mi (Secret)- Taiwanese
Such a great movie, has this edge of your seat feel to it, Jay Chou is AMAZING!

Song: The Show By: Lenka (Click for free mp3 download)

Television Show: Sabrina- Yes, the real person one, I remember watching it when I was like 5, I so hearted it!

C U Next time!

(If you have other suggestions, comment and tell me!)

Thursday, October 9, 2008

The Juliet Club By: Suzanne Harper

" 'It doesn't really matter, does it?' he replied. 'After all, we're not lost.'
She leaned over to look into his fce, her eyebrows raised. 'Actually,' she said, 'we are.'
'Speak for yourself.' He smiled up at her. 'I'm just where I want to be.'"

Title: The Juliet Club

Author: Suzane Harper


Amount of Pages: 402

Difficulty: I'm sure everyone can guess it-easy

Reccomended for: 13 and up

Summary: After getting dumped for the school's most beautiful girl, Kate Sanderson, decides to stay off boys, even when she wins the chance to go to Italy to study Shakespeare! She goes there with her Shakespearean Proffesor of a dad and stays there for four weeks. Going shopping, eating and sight/people sighting. But, with no interest in guys whatsoever, even the unnaturally cute Giacomo, with that tousled hair and dark eyes...
Wdebo's Review: Like all of the books I've read I knew what was going to happen after reading the side flap and the first chapter. But don't get me wrong, I thought this book was really good. It was hillarious, sweet and cliche. I thouroughly enjoy how her friends bet on her love life in Italy, very funny. The characters were memorable, just one of those classic love stories! :P I guess you can say, if you want love, just study Shakespeare! 8/10!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Take Me There By: Susane Colasanti

" Question: Where does love go?
Answer: It doesn't matter. What matters is that love finds its way back home to you. And when it does, its stronger then ever."
Title: Take Me There

Author: Susane Colasanti


Amount of Pages: 290

Reccomended for: 13 and up
Difficulty: Easy-As per usual

Summary (Parts from front cover): What do you get when you add three friends and one life altering week? Lots of complicated realationships! Rhiannon is still in love with her ex-boyfriend Steve, who just broke up with her. He stomped on her heart and let it sit in the sun. Rhiannon and James are friends...for now, James wants to change that. Nicole just broke up with her boyfriend, Danny, who is still in the picture, but she has a crush on someone totally against the law, can you saw forbidden realationship?

Wdebo's Review: Such a good book! It was truely funny and great. I like other person perspectives, but having three people's different perspective gets kind of monotonous after the third person's view about the same subject, most of which have the same information. Also, maybe its just because the author is a girl, but during the guy parts, James and all the other guys seem a little girly? But, the storyline was very cute and I really enjoyed it. I would reccomend this book to all of my friends. 7.5/10