Sunday, October 26, 2008

Madapple By: Christina Meldrum (Sorry that its all stuck together and gross, cant change it!)

Title: Madapple
Author: Christina Meldrum
Amount of pages: 404
Difficulty: Easy, good vocabulary and packed with information, thank goodness!
Reccomended for: 14 and up
Extra Info: Click HERE for the offical site!
Summary: As a child growing up in total isolation from the world, Aslaug, becomes like a deer in the headlights when her mom suddenly dies from cancer and she is thrown into this unknown world, that we call, our lives. As she wonders around she finally finds her family, that she has never known or thought about, trying to find the answer to the mystery that is her life.
Told from the past (2003) and present (2007), this book weaves a web of great thought provoking questions. How would we survive if we are just thrust into something we've never experianced. Between talking about her life with her mother, with no one around except their neighbor, and the trial that happens every other chapter, Aslaug becomes a very strong narrator, and her voice and story will stick with you for a long long time.
Wdebo's Review: Everyone says, "don't judge a book by its cover", but seriously, the cover is what draws me into a book. The cooler and more thought provoking covers are what I pick up and WANT to read, while those old classic yellowing covers make me want to throw it down and run as far away as possible from it. (Apparantly English teachers do not understand this concept of mine as they always assign the books with the boringist covers known to man, and give it to yours truely), now your probobly just wondering what I am blabbering about now, I said all this because this cover is amazing and it totally made me want to read it. When you finish reading it, you know exactly what it is about.
This book was so great and amazing, it really took me around and surprised me, a lot! I wish everyone has the chance to read this book before they die, because it is just so amazing and spellingbinding, it has such a strong message that everyone needs to know. Aslaug is defidently one of my most favorite protagonists, so is amazing and dark! 10/10!


  1. first of all you weren't bothering me (unless you were trying to sell me anything). and your link is finethere's no change, but thanks for the heads up...much appreciated.

  2. Ok, thank you for telling me! :)


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