Sunday, August 31, 2008

Wicked By: Gregory Maguire

"It was a she. It was a her. Melena practiced conversations in her thinking when she was alone. The twitching, unhappy bundle was not male; it was not neutered; it was female. It slept, looking like a heap of cabbage leaves washed and left to drain on the table."

Summary: Based on the book, The Wizard of OZ By: L. Frank Baurn, this book shows the other side of the wicked witch of the West. Elphaba is a great believer in animal rights, who is smart and misunderstood because of her green tint. With that she goes on to try to help the Animals who are trying to be first class citizen. It will twist your thoughts about the Wizard of Oz upside down.

Wdebo's Review: I truly enjoyed this book. It was quite interesting to read a story from Elphaba's (the wicked witch of the west) point of view. Gregory Maguire always has an ability to change the way you look at fairy tales. It is the prequal to "Son of a Witch" which isn't as good but it was quite an interesting read. The bad things about Wicked is all of the adult themes, I'm not really a big fan of them in books, but what can you do about it? Anyways, I would recommend this to any one who is a fan of fairy tales and loves fantasy books. 9.1/10.

P.S.: The third book, "A lion Among Men" is coming out Autum 2008!!!

C U 2mmrw


Saturday, August 30, 2008

Terence Blacker...Amazing Author? YES!

"I need you to hold it in your head, this picture of Sam Lopez when he first arrived at my door. Keep it there while later, prettier pictures appear- Sam in a ponytail; Sam teaching Elena and the gang American football in the playground; Sam singing in his precious girl band; Sam, the ultimate class cutie."

Summary: After his mom's death, Sam goes and lives with his cousin in Britain. To hang out with his cousin's group he takes on a dare to go to the first week of school as a girl. No one cares a lot for Sam as a boy but as a girl she has the whole world in "her" hands.

Wdebo's Review: Such a sweet and funny book, hilarious yet somehow awkward title. I loved this book. I wished there was a sequel or something, it is so cute! This story was great I would recommend it to any of my friends! :D

Wdebo :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Something to Blog About (literally)

Title: Something to Blog About
Author: Shana Norris
Amount of pages: 246
Difficulty: Easy
Reccomended for: Ages 12 and up

Summary: Libby Fawcett is probably the single most clumsiest person in the world. Only she can burn her hair on the bunsen burner! Sadly, that is the only way she can get Seth Jacobs (her crush) to notice her. Now, she figures out her mom is dating Angel Rivera, her arch-nemises in school, the one who makes her school life hell. What do you do when your life is crumbling before your eyes? Start a blog! I mean, it's not like it could make your life any worse than it actually is, right?

Wdebo's Review: It was really cookie cutter sweet and cute. I would recommend this book to those who have had a really bad day and need to take their minds off of it. 5.5/10.

Taiwanese Drama:

Honey and Clover (Taiwanese Version!)

It follows five college students with their one sided love. Stars Joe Cheng, Eddie Pang and lego. Based on the manga Honey and Clover. It is very sweet and cute. If life is treating you badly and you need to get away watch this show!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Sabrina with a healthy dose of Madagascar

I have been having a Sabrina the Teenage Witch marathon (which is going on right now!), because I think that the Harvey and Sabrina thing just CANNOT get old! Anywho, last night on ABC there was Madagascar on which is overly cute! I love that movie!

Lets get serious here, probobly the most serious book I've read is Nineteen Minutes.

The book takes place in Sterling where nothing happens just your typical averge New Hampshire town, then one day, an act of violence shatters everything. Josie Cormier, is the daughter of the judge that is on the case, she is the best witness, except for one thing, she can't remember anything-or can she? It follows the aftermath of a school shooting that just happens in ninteen minutes, nineteen minutes doesn't seem like a lot of time, but lots of things can go wrong in that amount of time. It asks what it means to be diffrent and if we have the right to judge anyone. The scary thing about this story is Nineteen days after this book came out was the day of the Virginia Tech massacre.

This was such a brilliant story that showed us the other side of school shootings. We get to understand why, not how it happened. Did the defendent who looks like a sweet innocent high school all-american sweet jock really play a role in making this shooter crack? I would reccomend this story to MOST of my friends (the others because, I don't think they can take it), and I would highly reccomend that you read this book.

Taiwanese Drama:

It Started with a Kiss AKA ISWAK

Xiang Qin (Ariel Lin) has a crush on her school's top model student, Zhi Shu (Joe Cheng). Zhi Shu is smart, handsome and in my opinion quite stuck up. He has an IQ of 200 and an entourage of female supporters. When Xiang Qin gives him a love letter, he refuses right in front of the whole school! As her friends try to make her feel better her stalker-friend-admirer, Ah Jing (Jiro Wang- Also in Hana Kimi- the guy who thinks he's gay), gets really angry and confronts him. After a bizarre twist, Xiang Qin's house collapses and XQ and her dad are forced to live with ZS's parents, who just happen to be her dad's best friends! They live and even though ZS finds her annoying he slowly develops feelings for her.

So sweet, one of the better known idol dramas, Ariel Lin and Joe Cheng have so much chemistry which is fun to watch in a Taiwanese Drama!

Here is the first episode, like (1/5) of it, the title of it is It Started With a Kiss Ep. 1 (1/5) (That just makes it easier to find), also I can tell you the beginning isn't the most exciting it gets better after awhile

cu 2mrrw!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes..yes..its here!

Manga Spotlight!!!

So I have decided to dedicate this one all for manga!

Hana Kimi: So you heard me talk (well actually read me write) about this manga/ Taiwanese Drama. The drama is based entirely on the manga so everything is the same (except for the names of course-one's Japanese (manga) the other is chinese (Taiwanese Drama)) Mizuki Ashiya is Lu Rui xi and Izumi Sano is Quan, also Nakatsu is Xiu Yi, the plot is the same (but the manga has more detail- has 23 volumes).

Fun little story, its so cute and sweet I hearted it! 10/10

Fruits Basket: It follows Thoru Honda, who's mom just died, who lives in a tent in the forest. It just happens that this forest belongs to Yuki Sohma, the "prince" of her school. She goes and lives with him and his cousin Shigure Sohma. After being with them for a while she figures out their secret, when someone from the opposite gender hugs them they turn into one of the animals from the chinese zodiac.

Such an adorable story! I totally fell in love with the characters. 9/10

Guru Guru Pon-Chan: Ponta is a lab and when the grandpa creates a bone that can make her into a human. She can't wait for her grandpa to give her the "yummy-yet-incredibly- tasteless-bone", so she decides to chow down on it. Then she becomes human without even noticing. When she gets saved by the handsom Mirai Iwaki, when he saves her from being hit by the car. Can their love survive even though his mom hates dogs?

Hehe, I loved this because it combines all of my love, cute storyline, DOGS and a healthy dose of MANGA!! 8.5/10 (P.S. I just finished this whole voume - 9 books- and it is just so great and cute <3>

More coming later (Date to be announced!)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Introducing... Manga Spotlight!

I used to always think that people who read mangas were nerds or geeks (one of my friends REALLY liked it, if you saw that person, you would believe that too.) But when I finished the Taiwanese Drama, Hana Kimi (Look at the Taiwanese Drama section of today), I decided I was going to read the manga and I CANNOT put it down!!! Yes, it is like the best thing to happen to me. I read 100 girls, and I cannot stand comics like that, not like I like shojo, well starting tommorrow with Hana Kimi, I will have a manga spotlight.

I conquer Britain By: Dyan Sheldon

" They all waved (including Bruce Lee), and Tampa shouted 'Bonny voyage!' loud enough to be heard back on Herkimer Street.
I gave them a big smile and waved back.
I was pretty sure I wasn't going to miss them." ~ I conquer Britain, page 16, Dyan Sheldon

I conquer Britain is the "Sequal" to Sophie Pitt-Turnbull Discovers America, this book is about when Sophie goes to, you guessed it, America, when she and Cherokee Salamanca's mom decide to swap daughters for the summer. When Cherokee (named for the indian tribe NOT the car) learns that she is going to Britain and can leave America she is up-the-wall excited! But right before she even touches english soil things have gone wrong, her pig and the overly-scared-she-was-going-to- die lady who sat next to her pukes on her. But once she gets to Britain it gets better then worse, will she really survive and finally conquer Britain? Find out by reading!

Taiwanese Drama:

Hana-Kimi (Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao nv)-Taiwanese Version!!!

The first TDrma I watched, absolutely cute!!!

After seeing the high jumping compitition, Lu Rui Xi (Ella) is so blown away and smitten by Quan (Wu Zhun) that she decideds to go to his school. Just one small problem, it's an all boys school, so what's a girl to do? Cut your hair short and act like a guy, of course! After getting in, her biggest dream/nightmare comes true, she and Quan are roomates! How can you hide your identity from your whole school and also from your love/roomate? When her friend Xiu Yi (Jiro Wang) begins to have feelings for her, he believes he is gay and it turns his life upside down!

I totally loved it! It was so cute! Everyone who loves Fahrenheit and S.H.E. has to watch it, also people who read the manga have to watch it! I would reccomend it to any of my friends. 10/10!!! :)

As much as I love S.H.E. and Fahrenheit but Lollipop (such an ironic name) is sooo cute!!!

Especially Wang Zi, Ou Quan and Xiao Jie!!



Thursday, August 21, 2008

My first post on my first blog...enjoy!


Ok Ok So I know this book has been out in stands since what? 2006? Or was it 2003? Whatever got to check that out. Well, I just finished it and it was GREAT! I mean better then great, so it started out all chessy and stuff, but then it got really good with added Meg Cabot flair. She's so awesome! Anywho, Queen of Babble is about a girl name, Lizzie Nichols, a fashion major, who goes to visit her english boyfrend. When she goes there, you can totally tell things are going to go DOWNHILL FAST! She mistakes her boyfriend for a stalker! Ok, I don't care if she hasn't seen him in like three months, but does anyone do that? She later gets rid of him until she finds out she is stuck in London with no where to go! Then, thank goodness, her friend calls her to stay with her. Then begins the second half of the story, where she meets the dreamy Luke.

I totally loved this story just like I do for all Meg Cabot books, give it a 9 out of 10, because the beginning was huh?

Taiwanese Drama:

I am a total obsessie over TDramas, so I have decided to share these lovely inventions with the world (I mean America) with my Taiwanese Drama spotlights.

Begining with.... Dum dum dum

Smiling Pasta staring Cyndi Wang and Nicholas Teo... (Site)

(They are so cute!!!)

Smiling Pasta is about Xiao Shi (Cyndi) who is very unlucky in love her realationships only last 3 months! When her sixteenth boyfriend breaks up with her, she runs into He Qun (Nicholas) who is running away from the paparazzi when his girlfriend Rita runs off with his brother. They run into each other and he falls on Xiao Shi, and accidently kisses her! This sends up a paparazzi frenzy when she starts yelling at him to be responsible. Then begins the cutest love story any one has ever thought of.

So kawaii!!! (Cute in jap) I love it! 100000/10!!! <3