Saturday, August 30, 2008

Terence Blacker...Amazing Author? YES!

"I need you to hold it in your head, this picture of Sam Lopez when he first arrived at my door. Keep it there while later, prettier pictures appear- Sam in a ponytail; Sam teaching Elena and the gang American football in the playground; Sam singing in his precious girl band; Sam, the ultimate class cutie."

Summary: After his mom's death, Sam goes and lives with his cousin in Britain. To hang out with his cousin's group he takes on a dare to go to the first week of school as a girl. No one cares a lot for Sam as a boy but as a girl she has the whole world in "her" hands.

Wdebo's Review: Such a sweet and funny book, hilarious yet somehow awkward title. I loved this book. I wished there was a sequel or something, it is so cute! This story was great I would recommend it to any of my friends! :D

Wdebo :)

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