Saturday, August 23, 2008

Yes..yes..its here!

Manga Spotlight!!!

So I have decided to dedicate this one all for manga!

Hana Kimi: So you heard me talk (well actually read me write) about this manga/ Taiwanese Drama. The drama is based entirely on the manga so everything is the same (except for the names of course-one's Japanese (manga) the other is chinese (Taiwanese Drama)) Mizuki Ashiya is Lu Rui xi and Izumi Sano is Quan, also Nakatsu is Xiu Yi, the plot is the same (but the manga has more detail- has 23 volumes).

Fun little story, its so cute and sweet I hearted it! 10/10

Fruits Basket: It follows Thoru Honda, who's mom just died, who lives in a tent in the forest. It just happens that this forest belongs to Yuki Sohma, the "prince" of her school. She goes and lives with him and his cousin Shigure Sohma. After being with them for a while she figures out their secret, when someone from the opposite gender hugs them they turn into one of the animals from the chinese zodiac.

Such an adorable story! I totally fell in love with the characters. 9/10

Guru Guru Pon-Chan: Ponta is a lab and when the grandpa creates a bone that can make her into a human. She can't wait for her grandpa to give her the "yummy-yet-incredibly- tasteless-bone", so she decides to chow down on it. Then she becomes human without even noticing. When she gets saved by the handsom Mirai Iwaki, when he saves her from being hit by the car. Can their love survive even though his mom hates dogs?

Hehe, I loved this because it combines all of my love, cute storyline, DOGS and a healthy dose of MANGA!! 8.5/10 (P.S. I just finished this whole voume - 9 books- and it is just so great and cute <3>

More coming later (Date to be announced!)

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