Sunday, October 19, 2008

Impossible By: Nancy Werlin

Title: Impossible

Author: Nancy Werlin


Amount of Pages: 364

Difficulty: Easy- As per usual

Reccomended for: Ages 13 and up

Extra Info: Click HERE for the official website!

Summary: Lucy Scarbrough is a seventeen year old, with the most supportive foster parents, Leo and Soledad, and a super sweet next-door-neighbor-slash-best-friend-who-might-be-in-love-with-her, Zach. Just one thing to ruin this perfect picture life, her crazy mother, Miranda. Lucy wants nothing to do with Miranda and just wants to live her life in peace, but when a new worker comes to work for Soledad, something just doesn't seem right. Then she finds out about a curse that haunts all the women in her family. They have to solve three impossible tasks before their first child is born, or else they turn crazy. When Lucy gets raped by her prom date, who later kills himself, after a couple of weeks she finds out she's pregnent. With that, she finds out that her crazy end is coming, whether she likes it our not.

Wdebo's Review: Wow, I really really, enjoy this book. I just realized how horrible my reviews are, so it's probobly does this book no justice. I seriously love this book, but I did find the beginning slow, but after a few chapters, it gets really interesting and it totally sucked me in, oh my god, it was great. It was like one moment I'm in my room, the next I'm biting my fingernails in nerves hoping that Lucy will get out this one horrible thing then get into another. I seriously find Zach and Lucy to be so sweet that I get cavities, haha Pearl Pink moment. So, yea, I would tell everyone to read this book! 9/10!

P.S. The sequal to Son of a Witch, sequal to Wicked, A Lion Among Men, is out!!! Hurry and get it!

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