Sunday, October 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Taiwan + Contest Alert!

So, I know I don't review books a lot anymore (insert depressed face), but I have good reason why! [See senior post]. Anywho, just think I will babble a bit before I get off the computer.

So, well first off...HAPPY BIRTHDAY TAIWAN!! Yep today is Taiwan's National Celebration day or as we call in Taiwan 雙十節 (Double Ten Holiday). So...YEAH!!!

And also, I have a contest alert for everyone! Kelly Oram, the author of Being Jamie Baker, will be randomly giving away one signed copy of her book a week for the month of November. The contest info is on her blog HERE...super easy to join in and the book looks absolutely fan-tabu-lous =] Haha. It's pink, and it's about superpowers and romance...totally on my TBR list and the book trailer is pretty awesome below!! :D

Hope you can join!!

And now I have to get ready for piano lesson and Chinese School...


Wdebo :)

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