Sunday, August 16, 2009

Winners of Geektastic + Announcment for Awesome Contest Coming Up!!!

So, here are the five winners of Geektastic...

Steph Su
Ninja Fanpire

I have emailed you guys just get back to me by two days with your address or else I'll have to pick a new winner!

Baa I still haven't recieved the book yet!!! I wonder how long it's going to take!

Also...My blogoversery is coming up next Friday, so to celebrate...I am going to host a BIG contest to celebrate with guest posts/interviews from authors (I hope! Only one author has emailed me back their post!) So, be sure to follow you can have one more entriee then someone who just follows during the contest!


Wdebo :)


  1. Am I one of the winners or is it another Rachel cuz if its me I did not get an email. Congrats Winners!


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