Thursday, August 20, 2009

Random Entertainment Clips (10)

Hope you enjoy!!!

These clips are from the 2008-08-07 show featuring Evan Yo [You remember him from when I posted that vid about him playing guitar/singing to Complicated. Well, he's amazing in the clip if you haven't watched it HERE]

Anyways, Evan is hella talented...he knows so many instruments (Not as much as Leehom...but then again who does lol?)

So, here is a clip of him playing violin. (Which I quit...FYI lol) He is amazing...and how he could suddenly change from playing classical to Chinese classical to Show's Yi Zhi Du Xiu (One Man Show) pretty AWESOME!!! And he doesn't even miss a beat. [Click HERE to see Yi Zhi Du Xiu MV] Xiao Gui is adorably cute...and Xiao Zhu, bahaha, he makes me laugh...when he hears his song his ears just perk up and he starts dancing to it!!

And he plays the Chinese flute too!!! Here is a clip of him playing Guan Dong Zhu one of Xiao Gui's song from when he was in the band, Cosmo (Wan Zi). His dance is way cute!

And Xiao Zhu's rendition of playing the flute. XD He loves to act WAY too much~lo

There you go...hope you guys have a great week!!

Hope you enjoy and please comment!!

Wdebo :)

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