Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sorry Sorry-Super Junior

So, this is the first SJ song I listened to. And since the first time I listened to this song I CAN'T GET IT OUT OF MY HEAD GAHHH!!!!

I just keep repeating Sorry Sorry Sorry Sorry my brain.

But the beginning of the mv scares me...but without further ado, here it is eng subbed!

Please comment!

Wdebo :)


  1. GASP!! YOUR FIRST?! WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN!? Listen to It's You, their latest release. o3o~

  2. This was the firt song I listened of Super Junior and since then I haven't stopped listening to their music (better late than never^^). "It's you" (a song they released no so long ago) it's a really nice song too.
    I'm glad you found about them cause they're great!

  3. Diana-lol i kno...i got to get on it.

    Silvia-really? I gotta check it out! :)

  4. Lol, you should! xD Anyway, you on Twitter often? I wanna rant/love Fated to Love You. On ep. 3! o3o~ If your on, poke me or something! Lol! I just hope I manage to get through the series. ><

  5. Diana-I hope you can too!!! Going on right now!!

  6. Lots of my firends are thier crazy fans. Some of them even flew to Korea for SJ's concerts. I hardly heard of them before my friends introduced this group. It's like being brainwashed. Just like you, I have this feeling that the lyrics are so haunting. I think they are good-looking and they dance super well. But I can't tell who is who. That's the problem with a big group. Or, that's only a problem for me. lol

  7. Oh wow brainwashed lol. Yes, haunting lyrics are...haunting...and scary...

    Yes, I would feel horrible to be in a big group...yes I would have lots of friends...but I would also have to have a lot of competition for attention.

  8. super junior is a great band for me, first time i see this MV, completely... love at the first sight ^^
    especially w/ Choi Si won, one of them ^^
    they are multi talented artist
    Neurago is a best also, and you must hear Marry U and read it's lyrics.. so sweet , especially when they perform Marry U in jazz style at Golden Disk Award, whoaaaaa, very cool...
    go to that URL, you will never regret watch it

  9. Totally will watch it! I still have no idea who anyone is tho lol...too many people *Brain spinning*


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