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The September Sisters By: Jillian Cantor

Title: The September Sisters
Author: Jillian Cantor
Amount of Pages: 361
Publisher: HarperTeen
Publishing Year: 2009
Geared Towards: Teens
Extra Info: This is Jillian's debut novel.

"His words are an ending, a relief and a heartbreak all at once, because I know that everything that happened over the last two years, everything that has led me right here, right to this moment, is finally over"

Summary: Abigail and Becky have always taken sibiling rivalry to a whole new level, fighting over things and for their mother's love and affection. Becky is exactly two years and two days younger then Abigail, both in September, the September Sisters, their mother would call them. But all Abigail can think about is how unlucky she is, while her mother promises them that they will be BFFs forever and ever once they find out how lucky they are from this happy conicidence.

The night Becky disappers, Abigail begins to look back on her and her sisters relationships, to their petty fights etc. As she figures out how childish they both were, her whole life begins to unravel before her, as she wishes and wishes for her sister to come back, to the life she has.

In her sadness, Abigail meets Tommy, her neighbor's grandson, there they develop a complicated relationship with her coping with the disapperance of Becky and Tommy with his own loss. As life rolls through, Abigail wonders if she will ever see her sisters again.

Wdebo's Review: What I really want to say right now is Bravo Jillian, Bravo! This was one hell of a ride. But then I would feel bad, because of the cons I would be talking about. This is one of the best books ever, except for the beginning. I really couldn't connect with the beginning, the very first page was very dramatic, probobly TOO dramatic but it does work in dragging you in.

However, I seriously hated Abigail in the beginning, she seemed too childish, and just plain rude to her neighbor, seriously, just because she acts diffrently doesn't mean you have to be so un-understanding!! I felt cold towards her and unsympathetic to her feelings.

But after the story went on, I started to warm up to her, her sadness started to get to me, which ended in me almost crying, and cheering on her and Tommy. There seemed to be so much action in the end, which made it such a good book, but the beginning was slow, even though it was well written, it was not my favorite beginning of a book. I think it would have been better if the action was spread out more evenly throughout the story.

Ok, so that was A LOT of cons, now for the pros...Like I said before, this book was one hell of a ride. The story idea was haunting and amazing. Abigail's voice especially made me feel for her (mostly at the end). I loved how there wasn't this SUPER happy ending where everything gets resolved, that is usually found in YA books on stories like this, it was really real, because life never ends in happy endings.

The cover is ok, but I just LOVE that blue it's so bright and pretty!! (B+)

All in all, this was such a good book, but it took a while for me to get into.

Grade: B+

Wdebo :)


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