Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Xiao Gui (Huang Hong Sheng) Part 2

So, I did XG before. But since his EP (Mini album) came out on the 17th of July, I want to show his singing voice out to everyone :)

His EP consists of three songs and two instrumentals. The first song is Gui Da Qiang (Ghost Hit The Wall), the second song is Bu Xie (Don't Care), and the last song is Gui Hun (Fooling Around) which was already out before, in his book. Hope you can enjoy! I do love his songs...his voice is very unique but sounds great...he just needs to polish it more!! :D

I can't believe he doesn't have an MV for ANY of his songs...grr (Well except for The Melody of Love ft. Genie) I WANT TO SING HIS SONGS IN KTV!!!!!!!!!!

Gui Da Qiang

Bu Xie

Gui Hun

For Chinese speaking fans visit his blog HERE.

Please comment and support XG!! :)

Wdebo :)

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