Friday, September 19, 2008

Twenty Fragments of Ravenous Youth By: Xiaolu Guo


"My Youth began when I was twenty-one. At least, thats when I decided it began. That was when I started to think that all those shiny tings in life-some of them might possibly be for me."

Title: Twenty Fragments of Ravenous Youth

Author: Xiaolu Guo


Amount of pages: 164

Difficulty: An easy read

Reccomended for: 15 and up, there was no actual mature themes, just harsh language.

Summary: Fengang Wang is a twenty-one-year old living in big Beijing to seek fame in film. (even though she only plays as extras). She has no desire to go back to her old village's sweet potato fields. She wants to live a modern life. Ultimetly she finds independence, where she never thought she would find.

Wdebo's Review: Oh my goodness, I so loved this book, not just because it is about a chinese girl, yeah! Go asians! It really hooked me in from the first sentence and wouldn't let go till the last eight words. I really really really enjoyed it, I was happy there wasn't a lot of mature sceens, even though it is an adult book. There wasn't as much cussing then in Tithe which I am thankful, even though there was some, but it was great too. I would reccomed it to all of my friends, it is one of the best books I've ever read, and I would reccomed it to you too! 10/10!

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