Tuesday, September 2, 2008

School starts TOMORROW! AHHH!

I am nervous for school, I kind of want to go but I kind of don't lol. Oh well, I have lots of friends in my classes.


"I had been saying prom was stupid for years, andit still was, but it was different for them. They had been waiting forever for this. Dichelle, she lived with a foster family who had nothing, but everybody, even the second cousins, had pitched in to buy her a dress and shoes and sparkly headband that looked like a beauty-pagent crown, only not as tacky. Junie had been dating the same stand-up man, Charles, since freshman year, and they were the cutest couple on the planet, and he was going into the army right after graduation, and we were all sure he was going to ask her to marry him at prom. Aisha had been working for free at a braiding shop so she could get her hair done. Monica, her mom died of cancer last year- hell, if anyone diserved a dance, it was that girl." ~Prom

Ashley Hannigan is the total opposite of her best friend, Natalia, and the whole female population of her school, because unlike them she couldn't care less about the prom. Natalia also happens to be the head of the prom committee. So, when the faculty advisor is busted for stealing the prom money, Ash suddenly finds herself roped into the thing she most detests. She has to find a way to turn no money into the time of anyone's life. Through this she learns a lot about her life, her family, and her slimy boyfriend.

When I first saw this book I thought it would be one of those really cliche cookie cutter stories. When I ACTUALLY READ IT, I was very thankful it was not (I had a summer of cookie cutter-ness), it was such a good book, hillarious and sassy like only Laurie Halse Anderson could write. 8/10.

CU 2mmrw

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