Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mira, Mirror By: Mette Ivie Harrirson With lots of hairspray


Title: Mira, Mirror

Author: Mette Ivie Harrison

Amount of Pages: 314

Difficulty: Easy read, made for kids ten years and up (Mostly girls)

Summary: Mira was abandoned by her parents and then sent to be apprenticed by a witch named Zebra. Mira is quckly captivated by Zebra's other aprentence, a girl with much MUCH more magic then Zebra herself. Full of beauty and more power then she can ever dream possible, Mira is enthralled when the beautiful witch wants her to be her sister. Then with a simple spell the beautiful girl changes Mira into a mirror. Her sister wants her to make her into a queen and thats what Mira does, but one day the queen never comes back and one hundred years later peasent girl comes and a new fairy tale begins. Then the lives of a simple mirror, a peasent girl, a merchent and his daughter and the duke's are entangled in this spellbinding fairy tale of a novel.

Wdebo's Review: I honestly loved this book, I was drawn in from, "I thought that day was the end of my heartache. It was but the beginning." It was sweet and cute. I love retellings of fairy tales like those books like someone and the one hundred year sleep or cinderella and the glass hill or something like that. (If you know what those books are called please comment and write the series name), also Wicked and the Storyteller's Daughter. I would reccomended all those books and Mira, Mirror to everyone! The bad thing about this book was the gross-ness, there was only like three small parts but even a little mention of a deer getting caught in a bear trap or something makes me fell sad and grossed out, I also wish that it would've been a harder read, but I can't complain, lol. Well, from all that I would reccomended this to my friends. 8/10.


I said I would review it and I did! It's...


Hairspray is about a big girl, with big dreams and even bigger hair, Tracy! Tracy and her best friend Penny like to watch the show, The Nicest Kids in town. When they have an audition, Tracy skips school and goes then gets thrown into lots of fun, romance and lots of thinking.

It was so cute, great little play, I would reccomeneded this book to all of my friends it was so great and awesome, I love the character of Tracy I can really feel her, she is just awesome. I always wanted her to be with Link, and I am very happy they are together!!!


  1. Oooo i loved Mira, Mirror. I didn't see your first post. The first book in the Stephanie Plum series is One for the Money. um I'm still a little green so can you explain what is link exchange.

  2. (I'm reading really old posts looking for book suggestions, it's something I do when I'm bored.)

    The one book is called Cinderellis and the Glass Hill and I'm not sure of the other, but I do know that they are both by Gail Carson Levine.

  3. Haha Laina that sounds fun :D

    Oh ok thank you, I thought it was something like that :D

    Wdebo :)

  4. It is, and everyone needs a hobby ^^


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