Friday, September 26, 2008


Totally big Ugly Betty fan! So I know that the series premiere was yesterday, but I can watch it on the web now, and AHH, I so want her and Gio together!


  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Gio! I think there are a lot of us out there rooting for Gio and Betty. He's such a great character and I think the writers made a huge mistake of not keeping him around. I don't have high hopes for Season 3. I believe that they will lose a significant portion of their fan base who were in love with Gio.

    I personally want Betty and Gio together at the end of the series. I think that Daniel is great as a best friend but I don't see any chemistry there as intense as Betty and Gio. Freddy Rodriguez, the guy who plays Gio, is a great actor because the affection he has for Betty is apparent from the way he looks at her. It really melts my heart. And he also motivated her to pursue her dreams and he wanted to fulfill her dreams too. I just don't understand how anyone can turn down a guy like that. Do guys like Gio even exist in reality?

    I hate Jesse. I'm going to compare every guy to Gio now and Jesse is nowhere near Gio. He just annoys me.

    So yea, I'm still recovering from the entirely new direction this season of Ugly Betty is taking us. I don't think I can get over Gio though.

  2. I know, when I was watching that part I'm like, "dang it, they have another 'romantic hopeful' for her." I'm just want her to be with Gio and yeah. lol


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