Friday, September 12, 2008

How Not to Be Popular By: Jennifer Ziegler

Title: How Not to Be Popular

Author: Jennifer Ziegler


Amount of Pages: 339

Difficulty: Like all chick novels easy read, but would reccomended it for ages 13 and up.

Summary: Maggie Dempsey is the daughter of two free spirited hippies. With hippie parents comes a lot of moving, with a lot of moving comes a lot of new schools with a lot of new schools comes saying good bye to your best friends. When Maggie has to leave behind Portland for Texas and her boyfriend she decides enough is enough and begins her plot of unpopularity. All she needs is a bad sense of style and the nerdiest thought she can get and what do you get? A big culdron of laughs and awkwardness!

Wdebo's Review: I liked this book a LOT! It was cute and sweet and adressed a lot of points we teenagers have to face. It also had really funny observations about what teenage life REALLY is about. It really showed what it ment to be "Real" and "popular/unpopular". It was sweet and touching and the character of Maggie really speaks to you you feel her pain and laugh along with her awakwardness of going from popular to unpopular. You cheer her on to do the right thing even if she goes the toally opposite way you want her to conquer it, so you clamp your hands together praying she comes out strong! I was quite satisfied with the ending, because it is hard ending a good chick lit/realistic fiction book. It was cliche, but like I say in all my other posts, that's why I like these books! :P Well all in all I would reccomended this book to all my friends 9/10

P.S. Starting now I will have labels so I can let everyone find all my book reviews/manga reviews/taiwanese drama etc etc. So I will have a diffrent post for a different thing! (Might have two or more a day sometimes)

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