Sunday, September 28, 2008

Devil Beside You

Summary: When Qi Yue (Rainie Yang) finally gets up the courage to give a love letter to her crush, Yuan Yi (Kingone), by a stroke of bad luck he passes by her and does not see her. But someone else did! Jeng Meng (Mike He) is the son of the school’s director, Jiang You Hui (He Du Lin), in order for her not to have her love letter posted around, she has to be his slave. While she is being his slave, Qi Yue finally gets up the courage to ask out Yuan Yi, who actually likes her a lot! While they are dating Qi Yue finds out that her mom, Huang Xue Wei (Ge Wei Ru) is actually dating and is going to marry Jiang You Hui. During the wedding planning Qi Yue finds out that under his hard exterior, Jeng Meng is actually a very sweet guy and she starts falling for him. Things get really complicated when their parents finally get married. Who ever heard of siblings (even if they are just step-siblings) dating? Things can get pretty heated up!

Wdebo's Review: I love this show! I am a total supporter of Mike He and Rainie they r so cute together! Rainie is so pretty in this show! Anyways, this show was very serious, but I especially love all the childish parts, it was really TDrama-y, I think everyone can just fall in love with it, because it is just AWESOME! 9/10.

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