Sunday, July 19, 2009

In My Mailbox 十一 (11)

Yeah!! I've been absent from IMM for so long! But I've been busy and lazy :D

Thanks to The Story Siren for starting IMM. [Want to join in? Just click on the link!!]

So, this week was slow, but here we go...

The Recieved:
The Morgue and Me By: John Ford

Summary (From Booklist): Senior year is history and college is still a few months off. What better way to kill the summer than by working as a janitor in a morgue? True, it’s Christopher’s interest in being a spy that draws him to the job, but it’s his first encounter with a corpse that really snares his attention. Mitch Blaylock is the dead man’s name, and he’s listed as a suicide. Those multiple bullet wounds, however, don’t look self-inflicted. What was the sheriff doing whispering over the body? And what gives with all that cash hidden in the medical examiner’s desk? The questions, suspects, and dangers keep accumulating, and soon Christopher pairs up with an “insanely hot” wannabe muckraker from the local newspaper. Too much serendipity plays into the hands of this crime-fighting duo (and not enough is made of the character traits that would drive someone to work at a morgue), but Ford’s unpredictable curveballs and switcheroos never relent. A satisfyingly grim departure from the usual squeaky-clean teen sleuthing. Grades 9-12.

[I am currently reading this book, it is actually really good!! I really like it!]

The Borrowed:
The September Sisters By: Jillian Cantor

Summary (From Booklist): In this debut novel’s dramatic opening, Abigail is called out of her tenth-grade class to hear the words that she’s been waiting for since her sister, Becky, went missing two years ago: “They’ve found her.” Who took Becky? Where is the body? Was she murdered? The police consider Abigail’s depressed mother a prime suspect. Is she cheating on her husband? The story goes on too long, but what will hold readers, along with the suspense of the whodunit, is the honesty of the sibling story. Abigail remembers her quarrels with her sister and their rivalry for their parents’ attention, and her first-person narrative tells the truth about the breakup of a family; her grief, anger and long-time jealousy; and even her complicated feelings after she makes out with the boy next door. The dialogue, clipped and intense, leaves room for readers to recognize their own experiences in the words. And, always, there is the suspense: Where is Becky? Is “missing” worse than dead?

[I'm starting it, it's pretty good also]
That's all for this week, so what books did you recieve?
Wdebo :)


  1. I want to read: The September Sisters By: Jillian Cantor. Happy Readings!


  2. I heard The September Sisters was really interesting. Hope you enjoy it!

  3. I also have to read the september sisters im hopping it good

  4. Your header is brilliant! The September Sisters has a beautiful cover!

  5. I've been wanting to read The Morgue and Me! Glad to hear it's good.


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