Monday, July 13, 2009

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty By: Jody Gehrman

Title: Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty
Author: Jody Gehrman
Amount of Pages: 255
Publisher: Speak [Part of Penguin Group]
Publishing Year: 2008
Geared Towards: Teens
Extra Info: The sequal is called Triple Shot Bettys In Love
"We were supposed to spend lazy afternoons lounging in bikins in Hero's deck, and long, giggly nights painting our toenails in sorbet hues. But what are we doing instead? Enduring awkward pauses and thinly veiled snarkiness."
Summary (From B.O.B):
There's nothing Better
than being a Betty.
Geena can't wait to spend summer vacation with her favorite people: her best friend, Amber, and her cousin Hero. They'll all be working at the Triple Shot Betty coffee shop, and Geena's sure it'll be great. But the moment Amber and Hero meet, the claws come out. They hate each other on sight. Geena's dreams of a girl-bonding summer fly out the window, and then threaten to vanish entirely when a few cute (okay, drop dead gorgeous) guys enter the picture. But all is not what it seems; and in a story of mistaken identities, crazy summer high jinks, and enough romance to make Shakespeare proud, Geena and her friends learn that when Bettys unite, they can take on the most pwoerful force in their world: a hot guy.
Wdebo's Review: I heard so many good reviews about this book! So I was totally excited to read this book. And the reviews don't lie, this was such an adorably, cute book!! It was such a great, fun, summer read.
The story was the classic love story, but it was awesome. Geena has such a great voice, and just made you want to finish the book, to see what happens at the end to her and her friends.
Geena is awesome, come on, one skater girl protagonists beat superficial material girls ANY DAY!! Though quite dumb at some time, she is interesting to read about. All the characters have their good and bad, Amber is the "trailer trash" character, but is hurt inside, while Hero is the rich daughter, who is nice, but stuck up. You just can't help but love these characters and cheer that their love lives work!!
I love the cover (mainly because it's pink and eye-catching) but it's simple and just adorable.
All in all, a great read, for those looking for a light fun book, your search will stop with Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty!
Grade: B+/A- [Somewhere in the middle]
Wdebo :)


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