Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Ding Dang (丁噹)

When Ding Dang was 18 she left home in search of oppurtunities to sing. She found that oppurtunity in Beijing's Rolling Stone Record, it only took them 8 seconds to sign her in! But because Rolling Stones was reconstructing, so it took her several years to release an album.

Ding Dang named herself this name because she has a love for Doraemon [An AWESOME kid's animae about a robotic braniac cat, who's chinese name is Xiao Ding Dang].

Her info:
Real Name: 吳嫻 (Wu Xian)
English Name(s): Ring/Della
Birthday: April 17, 1983
Birthplace: Zhejiang Province (In the Jiashan County), China

Here are some songs by her....

可以不可以 (Can Cannot )..This is one of my fav songs by her and I think it Genie has a version too.

The mv is sad...The girl is really rich and she loves the guy (Monster from Mayday). Then her dad, says that since he loves her, he has to send her out of the country to study, and gives him money as "compensation," and tells Monster if they are fated they will meet again. The girl comes and looks for him they are in his room and then she goes away. When she comes back, she calls him, he's on his motorcycle, then he suddenly gets hit by a car and dies. Why did it have to end so suddenly??!!!

猜不透 (Can't figure it out)- It has 瑪莎 from Mayday

The MV is sad also, but I have zilch idea what it is saying.

走火入魔 (It means something like Going Crazy and like not being able to figure out reality from fantasy, but as Google Translate likes to call it and I quote "Getting Possessed By the Devil" )

This is a duet with Ah Shin from Mayday [Yes, as you prob figured out now D.D. is Mayday's "Shi Mei" - In eng litteraly means"song little sis"]-And may I say Ah Shin looks absolutely cute in it!! This is such a sweet song/MV

Hope you enjoy! And remember to comment!! As usual, please suggest ppl, I'm running out of idols to put up!!

Wdebo :)


  1. You are so passionate about music, especially chinese songs. That's really nice to let more people know about them. :D
    By the why, how often do you come back to Taiwan?

  2. Yep that was my point for writing these posts!!
    Taiwan does have talent, that I think needs to be shared :D

    About every one or two years, I would totally live there if it wasn't so hot, and the mosquitos are in love with me, but I get super big bumps when I get bitten, and also I like how much more lax the American educational system is :D

    Wdebo :)


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