Friday, July 3, 2009

Dear Julia By: Amy Bronwen Zemser

Title: Dear Julia
Author: Amy Bronwen Zemser
Amount of Pages: 327
Publisher: HarperCollins Publisher
Publishing Year: 2008
Geared Towards: Pre-teens +

"Delicious. Just Delicious"

Summary (From front flap): All Elaine Hamilton wants to do is become a chef. Not a feminist politician like her mother. Not a yoga fanatic like her father. But a chef like Julia Child. Julia Child who she has been writing letters to since she was very young, locking them into a chest at the foot of her bed stamped and left behind.

Enter Isadora Wilhelminetta Fischburger AKA Lucinda Sans [Yes like the font]. Over-the-top, crazy, popularity-craving, Stargirl acting Lucinda Sans. Who meets Elaine in an event that has to do with:

  • Romeo & Juliet
  • A Fire
  • Promotion
  • And a guy who's name looks suspiciously like crouton

These two girls meet. A great friendship blooms. And Lucinda's personality rubs off on Elaine as she goes (above her wildist imaginations) on a cooking compition, and maybe even her own cooking show!!

Just like her dad always says, "Delicious. Just Delicious"

Wdebo's Review: This was such a refreshingly quirky book. It was like eating a nice cool fruity sherbt after a big heavy dinner. (lol if that makes sense). I enjoyed this book completely.

The beginning was cute, but not my favorite. It seemed really old fashioned but very enjoyable. Though, what annoyed me was that it stated the most obvious things. Like, there was a beginning part where she said the handsome boy was handsome, those kinds of things.

The characters where very originial, Lucinda Sans, well just meeting her remeinded me of reading Stargirl. She was loud and original, though trying way way hard to fit in, but anyone who is brave enough to dress like a mouse earns my envy. Everyone else, from her yoga-fanatic father, workaholic mother, cross-dressing brother [awesome character btw], angry brother, Lucinda's moms, etc, was just so entertaining it was like going to a house filled with a loud family, that was so happy and festive you just couldn't help but wish you lived with them. [Being an only child it can get lonely sometimes].

The cover was cool, who knew you can make such a coolio picture with veggies :P

All in all, old-fashioned, cute and sweet story that is sure to wet ur hunger for a great book. [And hunger in general, because there was a heck lot of food refrences that made me HUNGRY!!!!!] I just had to stay up all night to finish it!!

Grade: A-

Wdebo :)

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