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Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side By: Beth Fantaskey

Title: Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side
Author: Beth Fantaskey
Amount of Pages: 351
Publisher: Houghton Mifflin Harcourt
Publishing Date: February 1, 2009
Geared Towards: Teens/Twilight lovers

Summary (From front flap):

Enter a bizarre new exchange student named Lucius Vladescu who claims Jessica is a Romanian vampire princess by birth and he's her long-lost fiance. He's arrogant, officious, embarrassingly overprotective, and, well incredibly hot.

Armed with a copy of Growing Up Undead: A Teen Vampire's Guide to Dating, Health, and Emotions, Jessica tries to imagine the transition from an average American teenager to a glam European vampire princess. But just when things start to heat up with Lucius, a devious cheerleader sets her sights on him.

Soon Jess finds herself fighting to win back her wayward prince, stop a global vampire war-and save Lucius' soul from eternal damnation. All of which leaves her to wonder: Wouldn't life be easier if she could just fall for a nice mortal boy?

Wdebo's Review: This book was so cute and sweet. I totally like it one of my favorite books. I really don't know why I like it so much, I just couldn't put it down. I was up at like 2 still reading it and fighting sleep.

So, I just have to talk about how similar to Twilight it is. So, for one it's got a "dangerous" vampire that can read minds and is hot. Then the girl falls in love with the vampire and he pushes her away because he's too "dangerous" for her. Then they come back together at the end. Apart from all of those similarities I like Jessica's Guide to Dating on the Dark Side more.

IDK why I think it pulled on my heart string more then Twilight did. It was very sweet and romantic (in a way). Also, Jessica has such a funny voice, the writting was great! She could find humor in all of the situations, it was just such a great read.

Though it did annoy me how long it took Jessica to believe that Lucius was a vampire. I mean he showed you his fangs for crying out loud, and you laugh it off as a magic act? Also, your parents just told you that he was a vampire and you still don't believe it??!!!

I have two favorite characters in this book, Lucius and Dorin.

Lucius, just becuase, he's sexy as hell and he is just so mysterious. Also, he knows all about symbolism and is a pro basketball player. And he didn't have to wait hundreds of years to get to that position. You never see that combination, right? There are no guys like that here...sigh :(

Second, Dorin, Jessica's half uncle. He was just so funny, it was just a shame that he came so late in the book. He did make the book so funny, only he could have gotten twelve packs of airplane pretzles and buy one colorful stripe glove. BEST CHARACTER EVER!!

I really like the cover it's very pretty and dark, I guess that describes the book very well!

All in all, an amazing read for Twilight fans and vampire romance fans and just any one in between. I would reccomend it to all my friends!

Grade: A

Wdebo :)


  1. WOW!! Your description of lucius had me laughing to tears! xD

    I think I'll read this one too.

  2. Yeah for Lucius <3

    You should!

    Wdebo :)

  3. I just finished it last night at 12am and i loved it. true to the similarities but i thought it rocked. and yes Lucius and Dorin are my faves too! :D


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