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Thursday, February 18, 2010

Down With Love

Title: Down With Love
Other Titles: Just Want to Depend on You/Stick With You
Chinese Title: 就想賴著妳 (Jiu Xiang Lai Zhe Ni)
Amount of Episodes: 16
Theme Song: 就想賴著你 (Just Want to Depend on You) [Click HERE to listen (subbed)] By: Jerry Yan
Ending Song: 只為愛上你 (Will Only Fall For You) [Click HERE to listen (subbed)] By: S.H.E [Click HERE for TTS]
Starring: Ella Chen (From S.H.E) as Yang Guo, Jerry Yan as Shiang Yu Ping , Michael Zhang as Qi Ke Zhong, Kelly Huang as Yang Duo.
Reccomended For: Teenage (Mainly girls) Viewers
Status: Finished Airing :)

Summary: Yang Guo (Ella) was from a rich family until her father made their company bankrupt and they lost everything. Now, Yang Guo's sister Yang Duo (Kelly) has become a money starved woman who works as a secretary for the cold-blooded lawyer, Shiang Yu Ping (Jerry). Yu Ping's brother died in a car accident, which left him in charge of taking care of his little niece and nephew. He leaves them in the care of nannies, but, since the children want attention from their uncle, who never pays attention to them, they make life hell for the nannies. In the end, the nannies either suffer great shock and are carted away or else the nannies fall in love with Yu Ping and are fired.

After the last nanny is carried to the hospital mumbling to herself, Yu Ping asks Yang Duo to find her another nanny. Hungry for more money, Yang Duo reccomends her sister. Yang Guo and Yu Ping had a few bad experiences when they met each other, but they don't know its each other until they see each other face to face. They sign a contract for a huge sum of money, stating that Yang Duo will not leave the job or fall in love with him, or else their family will have to pay a lot of money.

To seal the deal, Yang Duo tells Yu Ping that Yang Guo is gay and its impossible for her to fall in love with him. However, as Yang Guo learns to deal with the two children and Yu Ping's seven year sweetheart ditches him, the two start to feel a forbidden shock of love blooming between them.

Subbed by jEnJeNN128~

Wdebo's Review: So, I am not very far into the drama (Since it only started a few weeks ago), but it is very very good. When I first saw the pairing of Ella and Jerry, I was not happy because I am a total Hana-Kimi Chunella supporter. But after the first few moments of the show, I knew I was wrong. Ella and Jerry are super cute together. Jerry is a very cool and just seems kinda emotionless, and Ella is this way over hyper girl, who isn't afraid to going above and beyond they totally complete each other.

The story is cute...and Ella is always playing the guy-ish character, first Hana Kimi and now Down With Love, but they are all very good and very amusing. Only Ella would be able to pull off characters like these :)

Ella's character is very cute and loveable, but she can be stupid at times, except it is amusing. Jerry is just so dreamy in this drama, he just gets more and more handsome as time passes, Jerry always plays kinda stony characters, but I really do like Yu Ping, he is just way stupid in love.

The storyline is adorable and sweet, as all TDramas, however there is this maturity yet a silly side that only Ella and Jerry can bring to a drama. Now, all I want to know is, where can I find my own hot lawyer??!!

Music Cafe: I love the songs in the drama especially the opening and ending songs. Jerry's song is great and of course S.H.E is just wonderful!!

All in all, this drama should not be missed, any TDrama lover should defidently watch it, and if you've never watched TDramas then this is quite a nice starter drama, just so sweet, funny and romantic. Jerry + Ella = Awesomeness!!

Grade: A

Wdebo :)


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