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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Da Mouth-Tounge

English Title: Tounge
Chinese Title: 喇舌/ La Ji (She)
Extra Info: The official title is "Tounge" but literally translated the title is "French Kiss"
Artist: Da Mouth/大嘴巴
Language: Chinese (Mandarin)

Notes: So, I don't listen to a lot of Da Mouth songs, but I really like this song, I just have it stuck in my head, especially the "La Ji" part, the mv is weird, but the song is addictive and Harry (Blue hair) is cute!

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!!

Wdebo :)


  1. I love this song! <3 Da Mouth is like the only Taiwanese band I really listen to. xD

  2. Really? Haha, I need to listen to more of their songs then :)

  3. I only know like 3 songs by them really. xD But they are pretty catchy. <3

  4. Haha true, that's about how much I've listened to.


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