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Saturday, February 13, 2010

Show Luo-Head Over Heels

-English Subbed!-

English Title: Head Over Heels (In Love)
Chinese Title: 愛瘋頭 (Ai Feng Tou)
Artist: Show Luo
Language: Chinese

Wdebo Notes: As a giant Hi My Sweetheart lover [Click HERE for review] I was always happy to hear Ai Feng Tou is the opening credits, however when HMS ended, I felt a giant Ai Feng Tou void in my life :P JK JK, this song is pretty much awesome-ness, one of Show's "rock-y" (It's a word in my world!) songs, he sounds good singing like this he should sing more "rock-y" songs.

Show looks absolutely amazing, black hair really suits him, his tuxedo outfit looks hot, he looks hot in sunglasses, he just plain looks ubber hot in this mv. And the lyrics are so cute....I wish I could find a guy like that!!

Well...I just add in one small fangirl squeel *SQQQUUUEEELLLL*, that's over with...please ENJOY!!

Subbed by the amazing oost1naoo~

Hope you enjoy! And please comment!

Wdebo :)


  1. i think it's funny that taiwanese idols would wear a face mask just to go out in public. have they ever thought that wearing one is actually a dead give away that they are someone famous?! I mean, what's the use? SARS and bird flu have already been long gone! geez! seen one like this with joe cheng being followed by papz while having a movie night out with an "older" woman. soo crazy...

  2. he looks so much like a famous rapper in the in the Philippines, Gloc9, but of course, Show's much more good looking and younger..I think. anyway, loved him even before HSM. By looking at him you wouldn't think he's already 31.


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