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Friday, February 5, 2010

Flawless: A Pretty Little Liars Novel By: Sara Shepard

Title: Flawless: A Pretty Little Liars Novel
Author: Sara Shepard
Amount of Pages: 330
Publisher: HarperTeen
Release Date: March 27, 2007
Geared Towards: Teens
Extra Info: This is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series(List of books on bottom).

"No one knew that in a just a few short hours, Ali would disappear.
Or that it would be the day she died."

Summary: The Pretty Little Liars' lives just seem to be falling apart more and more. Spencer knows that stealing her sister's boyfriend is wrong, and now her whole family hates her, but is it really her fault that she has a Wren sized hole is her heart that is just begging to be filled? Aria is heartbroken over her English teacher, but she might just have another guy to mend that heart, maybe another little liars' love interest? Emily is scared of her ever growing love for Maya, and Hanna's perfect facade is spiraling down into a mess.

As "A" continues to text them and makes them come face to face with their dirty little secrets, the little liars will soon be buried with their secrets.

Wdebo's Review: A very great continuation of the Pretty Little Lairs series, the story does seem to be getting better with each passing book. At first I thought, these "secrets" didn't seem that bad, and they weren't, a lot of them just seemed like a giant teenage drama but I did empathize with Hanna, at first I really hated her and just thought of her as a stuck up bitch who was overly dramatic, but after a while, as you see what Hanna was going through I really felt bad for her, and wished she would have the strength to at least stand up for herself.

I didn't feel that bad for the other girls, they were just being too over-the-top dramatic and it was so obvious that *Spoiler Alert!* Toby wasn't "A" again with the drama-sheesh *spoiler ended!*

Cafe Cover Chat: I like the PLL covers, except this orange looks ugh (the actual book's orange looks ok, but still ok) and the model's outfit is also pretty ugh. (B-)

All in all, a pretty good second book that makes me want to read the third one.

Should I write reviews for every single Pretty Little Liars book? I don't think so, but I want to get your take on it. Maybe I'll just write a review for the last book. Please comment and tell me your thoughts.

Wdebo :)

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  1. i would love if elizabeth chandler made her books into movies...i absolutly love the books....i would like it if she made them into friends and i all love them!


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