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Monday, November 17, 2008

Generation Dead By: Daniel Waters

"'Tommy Williams has a poem hanging up in his locker,' she said, 'and it sure looks like it was written in your handwriting.'"

Title: Generation Dead

Author: Daniel Waters


Amount of Pages: 392

Difficulty: Easy

Reccomended for ages: 13 and up

Extra Info: Books I've read that are similar to this are Skinned and The Adoration of Jenna Fox.

Summary: Phoebe Kendell has never really fit into school, with her goth wardrobe and pale pale skin. Now, with a new phenome Pheobe can fit in just a little more, with teenagers crawling out from their graves, they have now become Zombies, um excuse me, diffrently biotic. They have Oakville High, Phoebe's school. But her classmates don't like them very much, especially Pete, the most popular football player in school, who is especially put off when Tommy Williams, the leader of the differently biotic students, plays on their football team. Let's just say the whole country isn't that happy too. Who a growing sense of attraction to Tommy, Phoebe will do anything to know more about Tommy and be closer to him.

Wdebo's Review: When I saw the cover, I was like "What?" Because there is a blonde-goth-cheerleader, that is just so oxymoronic. So, after reading this book I still don't know who this blonde-goth-cheerleader is because Phoebe is NOT a cheerleader and she does NOT have blonde hair!! But, it was a really good book, Daniel Waters did a good job of forming Phoebe even though she is a girl and he is a guy, but I think Phoebe and all all the other girls are just a tad girly. I liked the whole story, and idea, though lately a lot of people have been writing about the same type of topic, but its ok, I like this story. Though the ending is not my most favorite part, it went by really fast and in the end it just turned into a cliffhanger, which I do not like, especially if there is not a second and third book to it. Though all in all it is REALLY good and I would reccomend it to all of my friends. 9/10!

Do you like all these new books about this subject? For those who have read the story: Who is the girl on the cover??!! Is it that Julie girl?


  1. I thinki itt's either Julie or Karen. Karen has blue eyes... well, blueish since she died. Although I dont know what herhair looks like.

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