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Saturday, November 1, 2008

Skinned By: Robin Wasserman

Title: Skinned

Author: Robin Wasserman


Amount of Pages: 361

Difficulty: Easy, one of those tiny books

Reccomended for: Ages 14 and up

"Lia Kahn is dead.
I am Lia Kahn."
"As last days go, mine sucked."

Summary: Lia Kahn has everything-beauty,great friends, a wealthy family (which equals LOTS of credits), an awesome boyfriend and the best thing in life-running. That was until she died, excuse me "died". Now, as she wakes from her comma, she finds herself not in her own body, but in a plastic version of her own body, a plastic version that will never age, where she'll be seventeen forever. As she pieces together what happens, she is thrown from the hospital to a home where no one wants her. Then she meets Auden, a strange guy, a total outcast, who does not fit into the rich status of all the other sudents. Auden becomes overly fascinated with her and her technology, his curiousity leds him down a very dangerous path, one where there could be no return.

Wdebo's Review: This IS a really good book, I can see why it has lots of readers. Though I am not the biggest fan of the second to last chapter, the ending ended with a cliffhanger(grr I hate cliffhangers!) and made me really want to read the second book and third book. It was a very intense book, I felt so bad for Lia. The writing was great, it made me feel like I was Lia, and all I was thinking was how much it would suck to be her and how thankful I was we didn't have that technology, yet. I think that everyone should read this, its really good! 8/10!

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