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Sunday, November 23, 2008

Free Meg Cabot books and Weekend Pick for November 23

*News Update!* I have now scheduled some extra book reviews, so this way I have more reviews over the week! This way I seem more commited then I actually am! :P Hope you like it, also have a great 3 day school week (eek I'm so excited!)

Also Meg Cabot is giving out a free set of the Princess Diaries Book HERE! Or if that site doesn't work, go to Meg Cabot's site and look at Saturday, November 22

Book: The Wedding Planner's Daughter By: Coleen Mrutagh Paratore ( I kno its a really easy book, but I was overly obsessed with it when I was like eleven)

Author (New Feature!): Meg Cabot, no duh, her names on the Title and I heart her wittiness and how true her characters are.

Movie: Harry Potter 1 (They were so cute!)

Song: All American Girl By: Carrie Underwood, it gives you this happy vibe!

Television Show: Keroro Gunso, a japanese animee about space frogs that "invade" the world, actually they are too lazy to, its v funny. (First Part)

Quote:"When in trouble or in doubt, run in circles, scream and shout." ~Little Brother By: Cory Doctrow
Do you guys like Meg Cabot books also?

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