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Saturday, November 15, 2008

The Off Season By: Catherine Gilbert Murdock

Title: The Off Season

Author: Catherine Gilberbet Murdock


Amount of Pages: 277

Difficulty: Easy

Reccomended for ages: 12 and up

Extra Info: Sequal to Dairy Queen and the prequal to Front and Center.

Summary: Yes! D.J. Schwenk is back for junior year, but this time she has to fight alone, with everyone noticing her for the first time, becuase she is the star football player on their team, and her best friend, Amber leaving with her girlfriend, Dale. Though there is still Brian, who she hopes they can have a relationship that is more then friendship. With her little brother running around with Sarah, his chess playing girlfriend, D.J. is having an up the wall year, trying to set everything straight.

Wdebo's Review: I read Dairy Queen when I was in like seventh or eighth grade so, during those 3 years, I have totally forgotten the whole plot of Dairy Queen, but I knew I loved it but had no reason why. (I woke up at 4AM just to finish it). But once I read the first chapter, I remembered why. D.J. is such a funny, down to earth character who is just to believable and REAL, the story is REAL too, I mean she could be my next door neighbor, if I lived on a farm that is. Catherine Murdock is such a good author, her voice is just amazing in this book, though I do have to say it is not as good as Dairy Queen, which I think everyone should read. 7.5/10!

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