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Hi My Sweetheart!

Title: Hi My Sweeheart
Other Titles: Shanghai Sweethearts/Play Boy and Sweetheart
Chinese Title: 海派甜心/Hai Pai Tian Xin
Amount of Episodes: 14
Theme Song: 愛瘋頭 (Head Over Heals in Love) By: Show Luo (Most amazing song by him!!) [Click HERE to watch (subbed)]
Ending Song: 雨愛 (Love Rain) By: Rainie Yang [Click HERE to watch (Unsubbed) ]
Starring: Show Luo [Click HERE for his TTS] as Xue Hai/Da Lang and Rainie Yang [Click HERE for her TTS] as Bao Zhu Jie
Reccomended For: Teenage Viewers

"I like how you call me the Ugly, Shame of Society, Mushroom head.
I like you when you hit me 800 times per day.
I like you when you speak in English.
I like you when you get drunk and need me to piggy-back you home.
I like you when you love to sleep during class, yet you're focused when you do your report.
I like you, that you, like me, like the Pink Panther, and know who his best friend is.
I like you, even though you are not my dream girl.
But, I still like you.

Summary: Xue Hai (Show Luo) is very rich and has been sheltered by his older sister (who looks more like his grandma) since he was born. Xue Hai has a very innocent and geeky apperence, from his giant glasses to his mushroom head to his pink shorts to his toy "Pink Panther," but all he wants is freedom, so he decides to go to Hang Zhou for college.

At Hang Zhou, with his sister fearing that he would be killed because he is rich, she decides to make another identity for him, Da Lang, the geeky, very very poor student. When he gets to Hang Zhou, he meets his crazy roomates (The duo from Blue Bird Flying Fish! [Click HERE for their TTS]), experiences many firsts and meets the very angry Bao Zhu Jie (Rainie Yang). Both don't seem like those who would be in the same room together, but slowly with Da Lang's desire to be friends they become that and more.

But with just a tiny misunderstanding, Da Lang loses contact with Bao Zhu and believes that she hates him, so he decides to go back to Taiwan and become a play boy to get back at her.

Wdebo's Review: Those who read my blog, probobly know how much I love Show so it is defidently not a surprise that I would start watching Hi My Sweetheart. But even though Show is awesomeness I just LOVE this drama so much. It is seriously so sweet and cute, though it does have its sad points. All of them are such great actors/actresses!

There is just something about this drama that makes it irresistible and hillarious. (Well, its Show so of course its funny!) There is just a heartwarming sensation about this, seriously, what's not to love about a happy, bubbly nerd turning a stone-hard "bad girl" to mush? It makes you laugh, and yes, it can even make you cry at some parts, Show and Rainie look very cute together, but I still think Rainie and Xiao Gui [Click HERE for his TTS] are the cutest!

Now to Rainie, it was seriously a shock to see Rainie in a character like this, she usually plays the sweet girl, or at least the hard will girl but she has never played a "bad girl" before, even though Bao Zhu isn't really that "bad girl" material. But anyways, great job Rainie! Awesome acting!
Also, Show's transformation is just awesomeness, first episode, first part...enjoy! (English Subbed!)

Grade: A+

Wdebo :)


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